WATCH: Every Time Michael Jordan Took It Personal

One of the biggest takeaways from The Last Dance was just how often Michael Jordan took it personal. From his father telling him to get back inside the house to Karl Malone receiving the MVP award, His Airness somehow managed to access enormous reserves of motivation by experiencing the most innocuous of perceived slights.

In line with how the internet has historically treated Jordan when it comes to crafting an ongoing joke, pretty much everyone who was vaguely familiar with the source material snatched this meme up and ran like there was no tomorrow. Even we encountered a fair amount of it, including one stellar example which we’re willing to nominate for Internet Comment of the Year.

All kidding aside, it was fairly indicative of MJ’s champion mentality. Where others would have dwelled on something in a non-productive fashion, or simply ignored it entirely while refusing to address the underlying issue, he turned it into solid footing for the next step. The next win. A cognitive habit which falls in line with several traits prevalent in “mentally strong” individuals, according to psychotherapist Amy Morin.

Below, you’ll find a four-minute supercut of every single moment Michael Jordan admitted he took it personal throughout The Last Dance.