After 2 Years Of Injury, Klay Thompson Will Make His Triumphant NBA Return
— 6 January 2022

After 2 Years Of Injury, Klay Thompson Will Make His Triumphant NBA Return

— 6 January 2022

In a very promising Woj bomb, we got some good news about Steph Curry’s Splash Brother. We knew it would be a home game, we knew it would be soon… and it may finally be here. After two years and a lengthy battle with historically career-ending injuries, Klay Thompson will return to the Golden State Warriors.

First, Thompson suffered a torn left ACL in Game 6 of the 2019 NBA Finals. After rehabilitating the injury for about a year, the poor guy had a right Achilles tear in a November 2020 workout. The mental and physical toll of these consecutive injuries is immeasurable and Klay Thompson even making his way back – regardless of his quality of play – is a truly remarkable achievement.

Of course, fans have been clamouring to see the shooting guard make an appearance for a while now. Fans in attendance for the game hosting the Cavaliers can expect a lot of fanfare surrounding the return of Klay Thompson. As Head Coach Steve Kerr said:

“I’m not going to mess around and bring him off the bench.”

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It has been a long time coming and the NBA itself looks considerably different than when we last saw him play. When Klay Thompson last stepped foot on an NBA court:

  • Anthony Davis was on the New Orleans Pelicans
  • Kevin Durant was on the Golden State Warriors
  • Jimmy Butler was on the Philadelphia 76ers
  • Kawhi Leonard was on the Toronto Raptors

Even if he returns as only a fraction of the basketball player he once was, his legacy is cemented. Thompson is half of the greatest shooting backcourt of all time. It’s been a while since he played and the executives behind NBA 75 team clearly forgot who this man was. I won’t let you forget it, Klay Thompson was that dude. He still has the record for most 3-pointers in a single game (14) and did it on the court with Stephen freakin’ Curry.

In a win over the Pacers on Dec. 5, 2016, Thompson scored his career-best 60 points on 21-for-33 shooting from the field and 8-for-14 from 3-point range in only 29 minutes. He only took 11 dribbles that game and set the record for most points in a quarter (37). There is no doubt that number 11 will hang from the rafters of Chase Stadium when it’s all said and done.

The Golden State Warriors currently hold the best record in the NBA with 29 wins and 8 losses. Now they are adding a likely first-ballot Hall of Famer to their starting lineup with the return of Klay Thompson. Scary hours, indeed.

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