Scientists Create The Ultimate Workout Playlist
— 23 January 2019

Scientists Create The Ultimate Workout Playlist

— 23 January 2019

If you’re like me and spend as much time organising your gym playlist as you do actually working out, your issues are set to be resolved with scientists discovering the ultimate playlist to soundtrack your workout session.

Amazon Music teamed with a group of music scientists from the University of Osnabrück and sound agency TRO to create a 60 song playlist based on already established music criteria scientifically known to help increase motivation and performance.

“Current scientific studies show that specific musical patterns of a composition (such as a strong rhythm structure) can motivate, especially for anaerobic exercise,” the University said in a statement. “On the other hand, a diverse variety of song choices within a playlist plays a critical role.”

This playlist sure is diverse, with an array of artists such as Post Malone, Beyonce, AC/DC, Major Lazer, and of course, Durade, all featuring. While you might think it’s all EDM bangers, that’s not the case. TRO team leader Daniel Worring told Men’s Health the songs selected contain certain elements, such as bpm, lyrics and melody, that all create a motivational response in the brain. 

“Sports and upbeat songs are often associated with one another. Nevertheless, studies show that slow motivational music also increases performance. After all the intensity of the rhythm plays an important role,” Worring said. 

“Of course lyrics are also a motivational factor. This was pointed out by a study which compared the effect of the same piece of music once with and once without lyrics.”

“The focus of our playlist is to push people to their limit using the motivational power of music. The perceived emotion of a song and therefore the motivational effect is stronger if we listen to it at a higher volume.”

Of course, you might not be a fan of the tracks on this playlist, which is totally fine, but the one thing this research has made clear is listening to music is key to a successful workout. 

“Whether you like the music or not affects your performance,” said the researchers. “People felt less exertion while listening to their preferred music than while listening to music they don’t like. So, if you cannot stand the music at your gym, you might consider switching to headphones.”

You can give the full playlist a try below.

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