Think You Have The Guts To Race At Monaco? Think Again.

In honour of the most prestigious race on the F1 calendar in Monaco, here’s a video showcasing just how great this track is. F1 drivers are some of the best coordinated drivers and indeed sportspeople on the planet, and many people unfamiliar with the sport do not understand what it takes to handle these insane machines.

Once they watch this video of Nico Rosberg rip his car around the Monaco circuit, they will think differently. Imagine having to process the tight windy Monaco circuit at speeds up to 300 km/h. Fans often think they can do just what their favourite drivers do week in week out, but watch what Rosberg does in this video and they’ll agree that it’s probably better to let the experts handle it.

Modern F1 racing is facing a whole range of challenges at the moment, but one thing that will always remain is just how good these guys are behind the wheel.

Here’s a little bonus video for you too, Jarno Trulli on his way to pole position at the 2004 Monaco GP. The man is on the very edge of control the whole way through.