This Is One Of The Best Ski Clips You’ll Ever See

In 2014, while filming for MSPs ‘Days of My Youth,’ the danger squad comprising of Cody Townshend, Richard Permin, Banks Gilbelti, and Sander Hadley took over three North American resorts to run riot in the search of the best bell-to-bell day on the hill ever.

The pro skiers dominated the slopes of Revelstoke, B.C., Snowbird, Utah and Crested Butte, Colorado with their antics, which can only be described as the dream day on the mountain with the boys. It’s just raw talent, natural features and a whole lot of party lines.

If this clip doesn’t get you hyped for your own squad snow trip, or convince you to book one right now, we don’t know if we can help you any further.

Regardless if your team is made up serious shredders or a crew just looking to have fun, this video is everything we love about skiing. Enjoy the clip above and thank us later.