Travis Rice’s ‘Dark Matter’ Is Now Free To Watch On Prime Video
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— 2 March 2020

Travis Rice’s ‘Dark Matter’ Is Now Free To Watch On Prime Video

— 2 March 2020

Snow fiends rejoice. Travis Rice has just launched his latest powder-packed snowboarding film – Dark Matter – on Amazon Prime Video. And it’s free to view on a 30-day trial.

Travis reunited with legendary director Curt Morgan (of Art of Flight fame) to shoot the film over the course of just two weeks after scoping out long-anticipated conditions in the infamously fickle Alaskan backcountry.

Rice also recruited Innsbruck local and freeriding weapon, Elias Elhardt to join him on a trip he had been chasing for over a decade.

“Elias and I had great communication, rode hard and were able to get in a rhythm that you could call a borderline fantasy; in regard to the pace and the quality of snow and terrain we had access to,” said Rice.

The 27-minute film has been described as “a celebration of space and time during incredibly unique conditions at the Tordrillo Mountain Lodge in the remote Alaskan backcountry.”

Amidst breathtaking scenery and mind-boggling mountains, Rice and Elhardt continue to push snowboarding to new levels. With insane big-mountain lines and manoeuvres that go beyond the dictionary definition of ‘huge’, both riders continue to move the goalposts of what it means to ride big mountain terrain.

Featuring mammoth spine runs, outrageous pillow lines and Alaska’s famously steep gradient, the terrain is matched only by the riding, which is all captured in a stunning resolution that’ll rival your next David Attenborough documentary.

Morgan artfully cuts between POV footage, drone shots, close-ups, and chopper takes to put us right amongst the most incredible and inspiring mountains in the world. Do yourself a favour and witness the sickness on Amazon Prime Video.

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