True Grit: The David Pocock Story Part 2

Here it is. After a stunning debut with part 1 of ‘True Grit,’ ABC’s Australian Story have delivered us part 2 of the David Pocock story. The second instalment ushers us through the Wallabies loose forward’s rapid progression through Australia’s professional rugby ranks, and how his social activism developed at a similar rate.

Pocock’s fanatical commitment to training is what defines him, and even when major injuries threaten to subdue his rugby career, his passion and drive see him come back bigger and better than ever. Now social and environmental activism in both Australia and his native Africa are just as important as his sporting aspirations, with the giant loose forward wanting to be known not only as a rugby player/athlete but as someone who inspires change in the world.

An in-depth look at one of Australia’s greatest athletes and undoubtedly one of the good guys of world sport, this two-part series is an absolute must watch for rugby and non-rugby fans alike.

Watch Part 1 Here