Watch Every Snowboarder’s Dream Line In This Mesmerising Single Shot Clip

This might just be one of the best snowboarding clips we’ve ever seen.

There’s no dropping out of helicopters or ludicrously gnarly lines with Travis Rice stomping 360’s. There aren’t even any quick cuts – in fact, there’s not one cut at all.

This clip by Kurtis Jackson has sent the snow world into a frenzy for one reason alone. It’s the exact opposite of what’s expected from a GoPro clip on social media. Throw in a bit of soothing stabilisation and one helluva classic soundtrack, you’ve got likely the best clip (I can’t even call it an edit!) to come out of this season so far.

With the lights off, the speakers up and a scotch in hand, sit back and ride this breezy Japanese powder all the way to the weekend.