Fugaku: The World’s Fastest Computer

Japanese supercomputer – Fugaku – has just been crowned the world’s fastest via the biannual Top500 speed rankings. Developed in…

The Japanese Government Wants To Part Pay Your Next Holiday To Japan

Similar to what the Italian government is planning to offer those who spend their leave in Sicily after COVID-19, the…

Inside Ring House: A Stunning Japanese Retreat In Karuizawa

Japanese architecture is always pushing the limits of what is considered unique. It is quite often fascinating rather than architecturally…

The Patek Philippe Nautilus Of Japan’s Most Notorious Yakuza Boss Jiro Yanagawa

All in all, what you’d expect from the man known as the “Black Shirt from Maten”.

Super Nintendo World Is The Ultimate Theme Park For 90s Kids

Rides based around Super Mario Kart and Yoshi’s Adventures have been announced.

Muji’s ‘Yō no Ie’ House Is Pre-Built Minimalism At Its Finest

The simple life is always a better life.

Australian Passport Power

Henley Index: Japan Tops 2020 List Of World’s Most Powerful Passports

They say it’s who you know in life that’ll open the most doors for you. What’s second to that? One particular Asian passport.

Aman’s New Kyoto Hotel Is Mesmerisingly Beautiful

Aman Resorts have just one-upped themselves again with the first images of their new resort in Kyoto, Japan.

Japan’s Boeing 747 ‘Air Force One’ Is For Sale

Despite being built in 1991, this particular Boeing has just 16,332 hours of flying time on the books.

Buy A Luxury Japanese Ski Lodge For The Price Of A Sydney Bachelor Pad

Ryuoo Ski Lodge, a ski-in-ski-out chalet built in 1997 in North Nagano, Japan, is looking for some new owners.

The Japanese ‘Four Leaves House’ By KIAS

We’ve fallen in love.

The Most Expensive Burger In Japan Will Set You Back $1,200

Created in honour of the Japan’s Crown Prince Naruhito, Grand Hyatt Tokyo’s ‘Golden Giant Burger’ weighs in at 3kg.