sushi restaurants

An All-Inclusive Luxury Sushi Tour Of Japan Kicks Off Later This Year

At the ripe old age of 35, there are few guided tours that’d actually appeal to me at this stage…

Do Dodonpa Japan world's fastest roller coaster

The World’s Fastest Roller Coaster Shut Down After Breaking Bones

Do-Dodonpa in Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park, Japan – otherwise known as the world’s fastest roller coaster by the metric of…

Japan Four-Day Work Week

Japan’s Government Proposes A Four-Day Work Week

Flexible working conditions have proven to be extremely viable across 2020 (one of the few silver linings about COVID-19). Reconfirming…

louis Vuitton chocolate shop le chocolat v japan

Louis Vuitton Is Opening A Chocolate Shop

A year after the announcement of its inaugural restaurant, Louis Vuitton has now revealed plans to expand the luxury fashion…

Kagaya Bar In Tokyo Is An Unhinged One-Man Show

Did you know that Japan once had a game show called Man Eats Spaghetti In A Dryer where blokes would…

You Can Now Stay In Japan’s Ozu Castle For $13,000/Night

You can only stay at so many Airbnbs and hotels before you start craving something a little bit more left…

Fugaku: The World’s Fastest Computer

Japanese supercomputer – Fugaku – has just been crowned the world’s fastest via the biannual Top500 speed rankings. Developed in…

Japan Four-Day Work Week

The Japanese Government Wants To Part Pay Your Next Holiday To Japan

Similar to what the Italian government is planning to offer those who spend their leave in Sicily after COVID-19, the…

Inside Ring House: A Stunning Japanese Retreat In Karuizawa

Japanese architecture is always pushing the limits of what is considered unique. It is quite often fascinating rather than architecturally…


The Patek Philippe Nautilus Of Japan’s Most Notorious Yakuza Boss Jiro Yanagawa

All in all, what you’d expect from the man known as the “Black Shirt from Maten”.

Super Nintendo World Is The Ultimate Theme Park For 90s Kids

Rides based around Super Mario Kart and Yoshi’s Adventures have been announced.

Muji’s ‘Yō no Ie’ House Is Pre-Built Minimalism At Its Finest

The simple life is always a better life.