The Unofficial Goldman Sachs Christmas Gift Guide
— Updated on 22 June 2021

The Unofficial Goldman Sachs Christmas Gift Guide

— Updated on 22 June 2021
John McMahon
John McMahon

The most coveted and awaited Christmas list in all media, the unofficial Goldman Sachs Christmas gift guide features some of the most outrageously expensive and bizarre products available for purchase around the world.

As astutely pointed out by John LeFevre himself, it’s almost time for children to learn a valuable life lesson – Santa loves rich kids more.

For the sixth edition of this unofficial Goldman Sachs Christmas gift guide, we’re reminded that when you’re rich, “crazy” is just “eccentric.” See our highlights below.

For the bachelor pad

We all love a bit of natural history, and this stunningly large Iridescent fossilised Ammonite ($62,000 AUD) that stands at 2 feet tall will get the job done. See their other suggestions here.

For his library

If you followed along with the 1MDB saga that brings together Goldman Sachs, $4.5 billion in misappropriated funds, a confiscated megayacht, and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Picasso, you’ll get around Tom Wright and Bradley Hope’s “Billion Dollar Whale: The Man Who Fooled Wall Street, Hollywood, and the World($50 AUD)

For his kitchen

Everyone loves cooking, as long as they don’t have to clean up. This Yoshihiro Chef’s Sushi knife ($5,850 AUD) is perfect for the Anthony Bourdain-aspiring single man looking to impress on date night.

For the office

This Five-Tree Redwood Bonsai Forest ($500 AUD) is the ultimate stress-reliever for any office. The delicate balance of managing air, water, sun, temperature, nutrients, and pruning is both rewarding and therapeutic. 

This standing, complete extinct cave bear skeleton would have been fucking sick, but it’s already sold for $35,000 AUD.

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For the gym bag

Perfect for the gym, tennis or Sunday brunch, you can swap out almost every pair of shorts you own for one of these from Birddogs ($76 AUD) 

For the jet setter

A night at the Hotel Jerome, Aspen, Colorado. One of the coolest 19th-century hotels on the planet that boasts a new basement bar called Bad Harriet. From $550 AUD p/n.

For the garage

There are a bunch of great investments hitting the auction block this December but the best would have to be this 1961 Mercedes-Benz 190 SL ($305,000 AUD).

For the wardrobe

We’ve been searching for the cleanest white sneakers for summer the past few months, but the Goldman Sachs gift guide has just found them for us. How about these puppies from Kinfolk x Zespa ($388 AUD). 

For the kids to inherit

“Other than a watch and a wedding ring, cufflinks are the only other acceptable form of jewellery, because the only thing worse for a woman than seeing a desirable man with a wedding ring on is seeing a desirable man with a ring on any other finger.”

These Longmire Ruby Double Stirrup ($20,000 AUD) will get the job done.

For the competitor

We know Christmas is meant to be a time for giving, but you may as well give someone something you want too. After all, if you can’t steal it off the kids, what’s the point? This Yukon Hammerhead Pro Sled ($277 AUD) is perfect for the Northern Hemisphere winter reader, but hopeless for everyone else.

Honourable mentions

Stingray Skin iPhone Case ($140 AUD).

UV Cell Phone Sanitiser ($213 AUD)


Grooming gadgets – if he needs a shaver or a nose trimmer, don’t wait until Dec 25th.

Pets – unless you’re married, don’t commit to a dog or a goldfish or any form of living creature.

Gift Cards – they’re a scam for lazy people and often end up convincing the recipient to buy something they don’t really want for more than the value of the gift card.

Ties – we like buying ties ourselves. We also don’t want to wear a tie we probably won’t like just to appease someone.


If $30,000 extinct bear cave skeletons aren’t exactly what you’re after this Christmas, don’t forget to check out our BH Approved gift guide for 2018. 

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