Persol Have Brought Nicholas Cage’s Favourite Sunnies Back On The Market

Nicolas Cage is many things. An Oscar winner, Superman fanatic, lover of the occult and pet snake owner. He also has a… unique… fashion sense that’s being reinvented for a new generation thanks to Italian sunglass maker Persol.

Cage is a big fan of the Italian eyewear giant and sported the brand’s iconic Persol PO2458S Key West eyewear during two of his biggest films; 90’s road trip classic Wild At Heart, directed by David Lynch and co-starring Laura Dern; and romantic drama Leaving Las Vegas, where he plays an alcoholic screenwriter who forms a relationship with Elizabeth Shue’s lady of the night.

These sleek shades have been unavailable for a number of years, with Persol re-issuing the sunglasses for modern-day Cage fans to enjoy. This updated version features the brand’s patented Meflecto temples for a comfortable and secure fit and crystal-tempered sunglass lenses providing eye protection with distortion-free vision. The gold lens and black frame give off a movie star vibe, so it’s no wonder these sunglasses are favoured by Cage. 

This isn’t the only range of Persol sunnies to get re-released, with the brand also reviving models worn by Tom Cruise in 80’s classic Cocktail and the Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair.

You can grab a pair of Cage’s favourite sunnies for $280 at

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