Boss Hunting’s Favourite Things: July 2021
— Updated on 8 September 2021

Boss Hunting’s Favourite Things: July 2021

— Updated on 8 September 2021
Boss Hunting
Boss Hunting

Each and every month in the Boss Hunting office we’re lucky enough to sample, find, taste, explore, and curate some of the coolest stuff the world has to offer. With Sydney lockdown in full swing, you’ll notice some similarities amongst each of us this month – from running shoes and watches, to whisky and projectors, these are Boss Hunting’s favourite things for August 2021.

Curated by Nick Kenyon, James Want, Garry Lu, John McMahon, Chris Singh, and Jack Slade

Espresso Portable Display


While the Espresso Display wasn’t necessarily designed for WFH scenarios, it’s been a godsend for me working from home. This slick portable monitor requires no external power source, and simply plugs into my laptop via a USB-C cable, so it’s just a matter of setting it up on a desk alongside and hey presto, I’ve got a second display. I only got it during lockdown, so haven’t been able to use on the road yet, but I can’t wait to see how it performs in the wild. It’s also touchscreen to boot and comes in both 13″ and 15″ sizes. – Jack

Tissot PRX Automatic

Tissot PRX

Good value isn’t always easy to spot in watchmaking, but there’s nothing sweeter than when you find it. I recently picked up the new Tissot PRX Automatic and have been seriously impressed by just about everything it has to offer. Based on a Tissot design from 1978, the 40mm steel case is very nicely proportioned and even with the workhorse automatic movement inside it, is still relatively slim at 10.9mm thick. However, the real star is the integrated steel bracelet, which is extremely comfortable on the wrist and has a lot of finely finished details. It’s barely left my wrist for the month or so that I’ve had it. So if you’re looking for an everyday watch that won’t break the bank and gets all the details right, it’s definitely one to consider. – Nick

Issey Miyake Fusion D’Issey Extreme

I’ve been chopping and changing between fragrances a lot recently, but the one I keep coming back to is Issey Miyake’s latest and greatest new scent – Fusion D’Issey Extreme. As a former longtime L’eau D’Issey wearer, it’s got everything that reminds me of the old classic, but with a new twist. It’s certainly a masculine fragrance, with cardamom, volcanic woods, and patchouli reigning supreme. Well worth a spray. – Jack

The Glenfiddich Grand Cru 23-Year-Old


Pre-lockdown I was lucky enough to enjoy an evening with Glenfiddich to celebrate the launch of their new 23-year-old Grand Cru – a Scotch whisky matured for more than two decades and been elegantly finished in rare French cuvée oak casks. I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s one of the most enjoyable whiskies I’ve tasted in recent memory, with scrumptious flavours of candied lemon, pear sorbet and sandalwood that has kept me harping on about it ever since. – John

Ricoh GR1

RicohGR12 900x

When you shoot on a DSLR most days for work, your passion for photography, understandably, wanes. I wanted to rediscover my joy of taking photos and actually look forward to seeing the end result – not shoot 1000 and dissect every single detail so I could find the most perfect execution. I decided I’d opt for a compact point and shoot – something I could pocket and take anywhere, opposed to my DSLR that I take nowhere. After much deliberation, I landed on the Ricoh GR1 and offloaded an old Canon 6D body to fund it. The results from my first roll of Kodak Ultramax 400 were exactly as I’d hoped – wholesome, authentic, relaxed, fun. I’ve never been so excited to see my photos. My second roll of film has jammed but I’m still frothing. – James

Seiko x nano universe

Seiko nano universe szsj005 chronograph watch 01

I’ve been chasing after the Seiko x nano universe SZSJ005 Chronograph since the moment we covered it. Unfortunately, geography prevented me from copping this sexy limited release right from the outset; and resorting to the aftermarket had, until now, meant bending over a barrel for dry insertion. Fortunately, one upstanding bloke on Chrono24 was willing to part ways with his pristine condition piece for a fairly reasonable price. Inspired by Rolex Daytonas from the early 60s, this stainless steel beauty certainly isn’t the worst daily wears. – Garry

Epson Ultra Short Throw Projector

Epson Short Throw Projector
Epson Short Throw Projector

It was obvious Sydney’s lockdown was going to stretch on for more than just a few weeks. In my finest example of perfect timing, I hit up Epson and they loaned me their EH-LS300B Ultra Short Throw Projector. I moved a few shelves around and now have a 120-inch 4K screen beamed onto my wall at pretty much all times. Going to sleep while watching enormous 4K walkthroughs of Southside Chicago on YouTube is all the guided meditation I will ever need. – Chris

Providoor Sydney

providoor box

Providoor was a new delivery platform concept that debuted in Melbourne last year, in a response to the impact of lockdowns on the hospitality industry. Helmed by Chef Shane Delia, it was a massive hit and included state-wide delivery of ready-to-finish meals from some of Melbourne’s top restaurants. Providoor Sydney launched just a few weeks ago and has already seen a swift uptake from restaurants like Yellow, Bentley, The Apollo, and more recently Hubert, Golden Century, and even The Baxter Inn. That’s huge for someone like me, who is currently locking down out west where delivery options are thin. I miss eating out in the city at my favourite restaurants, so getting their meals delivered, with simple instructions to finish all the heating and plating at home, has saved me a lot of hangry tears. – Chris

All-In Podcast

I don’t have many podcasts that I’m a religious subscriber to (apart from Friday Sharpeners, obviously), but the All-In Podcast is one I listen to every week. It’s hosted by a quadruple-threat of tech investors and poker addicts, who are not only best mates but also veterans in their respective industries. Chamath Palihapitiya, Jason Calacanis, David Sacks & David Friedberg, serve up a refreshingly articulate show that covers tech, economics, politics and everything in between. This month they went deep on the billionaire space race, a few scientific breakthroughs and China’s recent crackdown on their own big tech companies. If you’re after an easy-listening podcast that will keep you up to date on what’s happening around the world, with engaging commentary and top-notch banter, I can’t recommend it enough. – Nick

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