The 5 Worst Male Fashion Mistakes
— Updated on 7 July 2021

The 5 Worst Male Fashion Mistakes

— Updated on 7 July 2021
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

When it comes to fashion, it’s not really a matter of what needs to go right. That part is easy. Getting it wrong, however, is even easier. There are countless unwritten rules that some successfully subvert, but the majority just fall victim to.

Here are five of the worst male fashion mistakes.

(NOTE: my word is not gospel, most observation-based thoughts.)

Neglecting the fit.

The fit is the bread and butter of being sartorially literate. Without due respect for your personal measurements and an awareness of your limitations, everyone might as well be Kevin Smith in hockey jerseys. You don’t structure a building with two metres of wood when you need three. Nor do you throw up three metres when you only need two. Why would you do what is essentially the same thing to your body?

Equating a brand with actual style.

In this ages of hypebeasts and clout wars, the confusion between unwarranted brand cache and actual substance of style is becoming increasingly common. Chasing labels only serves to tell the world one thing and one thing only: “I’m a child with no sense of subtlety, no sense of financial responsibility, and far too much time.” A personal style should be curated by the self, not prescribed by a price tag alone.

Not coordinating articles well enough.

Cohesion is key. It doesn’t matter if certain bits of clothing stand-out alone. What does the collective aesthetic say? Stick to defined colour palettes, be consistent with the cuts. Doing otherwise would be like forming a band with a classical violinist, a Mongolian throat singer, a punk guitarist, and whatever G-Eazy is. See what I mean?

Over-relying on certain pieces.

It gets to a point where you need to hang up your Jordans outside of the court. Even if it means homeboy’s gonna, like, get it. Sure, some pieces are extremely versatile. But do you really want to exhaust that one said piece? More importantly, what does that say about your wardrobe if the balance of every outfit hinges upon that single element?

Trying too much.

I firmly believe every man, woman, and child must stand in front of a mirror and ask themselves, “Who am I trying to be?” several times in their life. More so in the deeper, philosophical sense, but this also works for fashion. Who are you trying to be? Are you really the guy who wears leather everything everywhere? Can you really pull off a pimp cane and leopard print coat? Sit yourself down, remember what makes you essentially you, and play to those points. There are no bonus points for pretending to be something you’re not (don’t quote me on that, I can see situations where that is definitely not true).

Just do you, fam.

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