8 Emerging & Affordable Artists Worth Knowing
— Updated on 30 July 2021

8 Emerging & Affordable Artists Worth Knowing

— Updated on 30 July 2021
Daisy Slade
Daisy Slade

The thought of starting an art collection may sound daunting and out of reach, but the rise of social media has seen up-and-coming, off the grid (not to mention, alive) artists become the rock stars of Instagram. It’s also proving to younger generations that epic art is attainable and affordable; you just need to dig around a little for it.

Here’s our pick of eight artists you can afford to (and should) support and add to your shelves and walls.

Cheryl Humphreys


You’re probably familiar with Cheryl Humphreys without realising it. She’s an artist and art director for Réalisation Par, meaning she’s drawn, painted and clicked 10 prints for those wrap dresses that every girl you know seems to own. What you’ll want hanging on your wall, though, are Humphrey’s blind embossed paper works. Everything from a disco ball to a fried egg is embossed to leave only shape and shadow visible in an effort to draw the viewer closer. 

Humphrey’s works range from US$150-12,000. @cheryl_humphreys

Diego Cabezas


Barcelona-based artists Diego Cabezas brings his abstract single-line drawings and paintings to 3D life with his incredible iron sculptures. A quick look at his Instagram shows the ability that each sculpture has to converse and exist within its background as if creating a dialogue of its environment. True, art is subjective, but Cabezas is one of those natural talents where it’s difficult not to see a universal appeal.

Sculptures are shipped internationally and start around US$850. @diegocabezas00

Otis Hope Carey 


Otis Hope Carey is a pro surfer repped by Billabong, a proud Gumbaynggirr / Bundjalung man, and he’s also putting out some of the most interesting, contemporary Indigenous art that’s been seen in a while. He’s been featured by Vice and Vogue, but his artwork is more about the storytelling of his people and his culture, rather than ego. BY sticking to his roots, Carey turns out some pretty captivating works of art.

Carey’s larger pieces are worth saving for, but China Heights Gallery currently has a few works starting around $1,600. @otishopecarey

Fee Greening 


Recently commissioned by Gucci to create an illustration for their newest fragrance, Fee Greening is a Central Saint Martins alumni who specialises in unique illustrations using a dip pen and ink. After creating a piece for a friend’s birthday a few years ago, Greening became “obsessed” with drawing cultural icons, and has created portraits of everyone from David Bowie and Beyonce to Andy Warhol.

She’s available for bespoke illustrations, but you can nab one of Fee’s Icon portrait prints start for £95.00 @feegreening

Bertrand Fournier 


A psychiatric nurse by day, Bertrand Fournier isn’t a classically trained in his medium of painting. His style of bold outlines without real imprint, accompanied by bright colours, however, would leave you forgiven for thinking otherwise. Each of his series is foreign to one another, and there’s something refreshing about finding an artist who hasn’t yet settled on their ‘groove’. If you’re in the market for a bold oil on canvas, 

Fournier’s pieces start at around $800. @fournierbertrand

Steven John Clark

Steve Clark is a Melbourne-based Stonemason who goes by the name of Den Holm (the Scottish town in which he grew up) and is making a name for himself creating hand-carved pieces out of Australian limestone that focus on texture and form. The result is a beautiful, textured aesthetic that will suit any room. Branch out from a framed print and check out Den Holm for a planter that doubles as a sculpture, or for those looking to spend more, a custom coffee table.

Den Holm’s ‘Objects’ start at AUD$450. @den_holm

Venetia Berry 


Another London-based artist is young gun is 24-year-old Venetia Berry.  Berry focuses on the female form and is altering the perception of the nude female with her whimsical, dreamlike oil paintings.  Not restricted by her materials, you’ll also see a collection of ink and paper drawings and ceramics, where you can almost feel the weight lift off your shoulders as you join the otherworldly figures in front of you. 

Contact Venetia directly for small, unique works around £100 and above. @venetiaberry

Tom Hegen


German Photographer and Graphic Designer Tom Hegen has joined the world of aerial photography, but his focus on the impact of the human presence on earth is setting him apart. A lot of his works focus on landscape, aiming to sensitize the viewer to the extraordinary forces impacting our environments such as man-made salt production sites and coal mines. His series The Bathers and White, however, are a quiet bliss.

Hegen’s prints come in a range of sizes, starting at €650. @tom.hegen

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Daisy Slade


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