Australian Women Reveal The Men’s Grooming Styles They Find Most Attractive
— Updated on 14 June 2021

Australian Women Reveal The Men’s Grooming Styles They Find Most Attractive

— Updated on 14 June 2021
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Boss Hunting

Recent research reveals the most appealing men’s grooming styles according to the women of Australia.

Men’s grooming brand VSforMen recently conducted a study* with women Australia-wide that revealed which grooming styles they find most attractive on us blokes – from facial grooming to manscaping.

When it comes to facial hair, 52% of Aussie women prefer a lived-in stubble look. Gone is the trend of hipster beards and a clean-shaven face, women like their men to have more of a precise rugged look.

Male grooming expert Jules Tognini is on board with what the ladies are saying:

“I agree, I think some nice lived-in stubble looks great on guys, more so on the longer side, not just 3-day growth but well-defined and maintained stubble can flatter just about any face. Stubble adds definition to the jawline and complements a well-styled haircut, rugged and handsome.”

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“Often in my salon, women are frequently directing me on how they would like their man’s hair/facial hair to look. Men want to look good for their partners, and single men often want to look good for prospective dates.”

Following close behind the stubble look, 43% of women prefer a well-trimmed/maintained beard, but on the flip side, they find just the moustache on its own the least attractive – so it’s probably best to leave it for Movember, fellas.

Below the neckline, when it comes to manscaping, 70% of Australian Millennial and Gen X women prefer men to trim their body hair. Don’t shave it all off, don’t let it grow out like a caveman, somewhere in between is best. The least common answer for all age groups was closely shaved body hair – women definitely prefer men with a little something.

That being said, while you should take on board what your other half prefers about your grooming style, don’t be afraid to try something new or change up your trim depending on the seasons. 

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*YouGov Galaxy Online Omnibus between 27-30 June, 2019. The sample comprises 1,037 Australians aged 18 years and older distributed throughout Australia.

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