Balenciaga x PS5 Capsule Is More Expensive Than The Actual Console

Balenciaga PS5 CAPSULE

With Sony’s (incredibly rare) PS5 still hard to come across for most video game enthusiasts, it seems at least some good ol’ console merch is coming our way courtesy of notoriously pricey Parisian fashion house Balenciaga. With the historic French Maison recently experimenting with an eye-wateringly expensive Balenciaga lunch box, and an even more surprising Balenciaga grocery bag, it kind of makes perfect sense that designers would look towards the gaming industry for their next unexpected capsule drop. Hence, the Balenciaga PS5 capsule in all its text-heavy glory.

Seemingly part of the Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2021 collection, although available now – months before FW21 usually drops – the Balenciaga PS5 capsule is modest in range, but clearly ambitious in price. These pieces of avant apparel will set you back much more than the actual PS5 console would, doubling down on the modern trend of Balenciaga turning pop cultural moments into lavishly expensive fashion pieces.

The newly released capsule comprises just three pieces – two boxy t-shirts, and a hoodie printed with the iconic PlayStation buttons, which are an obvious nod to the PS5 DualSense controller. Key motifs unifying all three pieces are the PS5 logo, PlayStation insignia, and oddly enough the “nov 2020” release date so you’re constantly reminded how it’s been months and you still can’t find PS5 stock virtually anywhere in Australia. Most uniquely is that Balenciaga is scrawled across each piece in the signature PlayStation font.

The tees are priced at $935 while the hoodie pops that up to $1,290. Meanwhile, Sony’s flagship PlayStation 5 will cost you $750 – if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one, that is.

Although the Balenciaga PS5 capsule did come as a surprise, perhaps it’s not so shocking that the high-end fashion house would start getting more hands-on with the gaming world. After all, last year’s Balenciaga Fall 2021 collection was uniquely presented via a video game that was accessible from any computer or smartphone.