Balenciaga’s $5,625 Hi-Vis Jacket Is The Apex Of Tradie Chic

Balenciaga Reversible Parker Tradie Hi Vis Jacket

The most confusing aspect about modern fashion is, by far, almost every high-end brands’ desire to appear working class – or in the case of certain streetwear labels, homeless – yet still charge an absolute killing. Case in point: the Balenciaga Reversible Parka.

There’s really nothing more to this oversized bit of hi-vis kit than what you see. First revealed as part of the Autumn/Winter 2021 collection, it’s essentially a slightly less durable iteration of what tradies actually wear during those brisker months. The only real difference, aside from the strange flex associated with showcasing Balenciaga branding (front + back), is the eyewatering price tag. $5,625, to be exact.

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Made in Italy, in addition to the usual neon yellow colourway + reflective panels, the Reversible Parka features black contrast lining, two slash pockets, concealed zipped closures with snaps, foldable hood with strings, as well as technical ripstop (ripstop fabric being the reinforced materials that – you guessed it – stop rips and tear on regular workwear). And of course, as a reversible, you’re essentially receiving two jackets in one… or $2,812.50 per look, if you will.

Anyone who feels the need to cop a Balenciaga Reversible Parka for the worksite can do so by hitting the link below. If you’re in the market for something slightly different but just as outrageous, however, be sure to check out the PlayStation capsule collection – which is more expensive than the console itself – or perhaps this $415 grocery bag for your Woolies runs.

Balenciaga Reversible Parka
Balenciaga Reversible Parka