Boss or Bust? Slides (Of Any Kind)

Boss or Bust? Slides (Of Any Kind)

Slides have been worming themselves into the mainstream in the past few years. But know this. Before brands like Adidas, Gucci, and Balenciaga decided the concept was “in”, no one but my dad and other oblivious Asian parents like him would have been caught dead in them. These days, every hypebeast that can barely name three Travis Scott songs but totally “… lives for the scene…” has got them on. So, is this specific form of footwear really an item of higher style or has it just been infected by the clout disease? 

In defence of… 

OK. Slides are not ugly. They lean more towards the “basic” category. Pretty similar to that of the Supreme bogo shirts, but for feet. Also working in their favour is the open and relaxed nature of their design. It stands to be a fairly decent alternate to thongs, without the uncomfortable friction of the middle part against the space between your big toe and the second toe. Durability is also a plus. Ever try to break a slide? Probably not. But it would be a challenge. All in all, if we objectively look at the slide in its entirety, it exists as a mild and inoffensive form of footwear. 

Boss or Bust? Slides (Of Any Kind)

And all against…

Being mild and inoffensive does not justify its current place in society. Even less so when we bring about all the connotations attached to it within the realms of fashion. It definitely does not warrant the hype. It’s the avocado on toast, the J. Cole, and the Suits of open toe footwear. Extremely overrated, and if you stare at it long enough, trash. Sure, dabbling in it is harmless. But ultimately, it’s not worth the time of day. Or any other kind of investment, material or emotional. And that’s on its best day.   

The verdict…

Simply put, it’s a big old bust. Stop kidding yourself. Unless you happen to be my dad (or any other Asian parent), in which case nay, and also I wish you would just wear Birkenstocks like the white parents do.