The Most Expensive Bulldogs On The Planet

Welcome to 2015 where you can now purchase a bulldog for up to $100k.

In 2 Chainz newest episode of ‘The Most Expensivist Shit” he gives us a look at the worlds most expensive bulldogs. These dogs are apparently “The best on the planet”, however you’d have to be either insane or filthy rich to even consider purchasing one of these guys when being valued at $100k. Oh and if you were wondering, the pups are cheaper, however you will still be digging deep into your pockets to get your hands on one as quote, “These ones go for around 5 to 10 thousand.” Who would’ve thought that we’d reach a stage in life where a dog would cost as much as a car? These bulldogs, however cute they are, are seriously overpriced. 2 Chainz is even baffled by how much these pudgy little guys cost and won’t even consider purchasing one of them unless they can “bathe themselves, clean themselves and not ever die.”

Anyway I guess this is the whole point of the show and 2 Chainz has definitely succeeded in finding the most expensivist pet dogs in the world.