Streetwear God Jonah Hill To Collaborate With Adidas

Jonah Hill may be known far and wide for his on-screen talents, but in recent times, it’s his street style that has also been attracting all the right attention. A simple search of “Jonah Hill” and “fashion” on Google will pull up dozens upon dozens of articles hailing him as the next great fashion icon. And just a few days ago, the man himself posted on Instagram to tease a potential collaboration with Adidas.

These “mystery sneakers” do not have an official name, expected colourway range, nor expected arrival date as of yet. Though on first impressions, they appear to be influenced by the Three Stripes’ EQT selection. And from a personal perspective, they look hot to cop.

But again, apart from this visual confirmation and a few cheeky captions like โ€œSomething fun coming from me and adidas?โ€ and “#adidasOriginals hooked it uppp [sic.]”, it’s still very much within the realms of speculation.

More to come on this.