Kingsman Has Single-Handedly Made Double-Breasted Suits Cool Again

No, you don’t have to be the First Officer of the Titanic or King George V to rock a double-breasted suit.

While you might have the perception that double-breasted suits are for the elderly and wise of our society, staring at Colin Firth and young-gun Taron Egerton tear shit up in the Kingsman sequel donning the same ‘boring’ and ‘grandpa-esque’ double-breast made us rethink the daunting-for-some phenomenon.

There’s something about a double-breasted suit that screams mystery and instant intrigue. Every man is always on the lookout for a new suit, but too many of you look straight past the 6 x 3 button wonder in fear of being cooped up in the silly stigma that comes with it.

Take one out of the Kingsman tailor shop’s playbook and just try one on next time you’re browsing the racks.

If you’re of a tall and slender build, the double-breasted suit’s peak lapels broaden the shoulders, while the overlapping buttons cut into the body shape. This enhanced ‘V’ shape can be naturally achieved without a stupidly tight single-breasted jacket.

Take it one step further by going for a two-toned outfit combination. The double-breasted suit isn’t implausible in summer, despite the garment’s wintry, British gentlemanly connotations. If you’re still hesitant to take the leap, a pair of light coloured chinos and contrasting shoes will take away the boldness of a full, one-coloured double-breasted suit and break up the torso for a more dynamic statement.

The double-breast is not entirely appropriate for corporate situations, however, unless you’re somebody. By that, we mean you should be a Harvey Specter equivalent or higher – it’s a huge power play and something that might give off an unwanted flavour of superiority.

With significantly more flare, the double-breasted suit exudes confidence akin to the Kingsmen, giving you that edge among a sea of your single-breasted companions. It’s time you give the double-breast a look-in this spring racing carnival or your corporate Christmas party.