9 Loungewear Brands Men Should Be Copping For Winter In 2024
— Updated on 29 December 2023

9 Loungewear Brands Men Should Be Copping For Winter In 2024

— Updated on 29 December 2023
Daisy Slade
Daisy Slade

The year is 2024. The need to feel good remains critical, just like the need for comfort. It goes without saying that the need to look good never went away. Thankfully, You can have all three and not be wearing the same shit as every Tom, Dick, and Harry you see in the streets. We’ve made a list, checked it twice, and this is our pick of the best loungewear brands for men to carry you through those blurred lines of what’s acceptable in Australian homes and offices these days. 

Best Loungewear Brands For Men Overview

Aimé Leon Dore

Direct from Queens, NY, Aimé Leon Dore is one of the coolest loungewear brands in the world. Admittedly, we are venturing into streetwear here, but there’s enough terry blended into these sweats to keep them at lounge-status.

Simple, timeless designs in neutral and bold colours, if flashbacks to MJ in his sweats during The Last Dance did it for you, theme Aimé Leon Dore will do it for you too. It’s all your favourite memories, but an aesthetic that is uniquely Aimé. Look out for collabs with classic sports brands like New Balance – they tend to sell out. Fast. These guys also receive bonus points for their collection of 6 hours + Spotify playlists that rep everyone from The Temptations to Mos Def.

Fear Of God

Loungewear Brands

It was nearly a decade and a half ago that Jerry Lorenzo founded Fear Of God, and over the years since, it’s become a key part of the street-style landscape. However, it’s the Fear Of God ESSENTIALS range of pared back sweats and loungewear that has really put the brand on the map, presenting a more affordable and everyday expression of Lorenzo’s vision.

With a range of neutrally toned hoodies, crewnecks, tee’s and sweatpants, the ESSENTIALS collection uses a blend of 80% cotton and 20% polyester heavyweight fleece in the construction of its garments. Prices begin at $66 for the tee’s and $125 for the crewneck, making it a compelling value proposition that still delivers on its quality.


It doesn’t take much digging to find out the life story of each piece of clothing at Everlane, and it’s this transparency that has played a huge part in how they’ve managed to carve out an increasingly large piece of the retail pie. Their Uniform line is a testament to this – ethically produced tees, jumpers, shirts, pants and hoodies that have gone through material trials, 50 wash cycles, fading, pilling, and shrinkage tests and over 100 fittings on blokes of all shapes and sizes. Day to night, house to the pub, an Everlane Uniform ticks all the boxes, hits the top comfort levels and is reasonably priced.


Founded in Melbourne in 2018 by former Ralph Lauren & Club Monaco designer Dylan Best, BEST showcases a line of elevated, unisex casual wear. The influence may be international, but the heart of the designs is straight-up Australian; ‘Mate’ tees, ‘Wombat’ jumpers, ‘Trackies’ tracksuits. Best’s range of casualwear is made with top-quality Japanese cotton blended with polar fleece, which is the same lightweight sport-tech fabrics typically used in performance clothing – perfect for the marathon sesh over the weekend. Bonus points for being made in Melbourne. 


Came for the jeans, and stayed for the tees. Jeanerica is a tiiiightly edited, organic denim brand that hails from Sweden. Their jeans are based on archetypal models, that are constantly being refined and adjusted to keep their lines modern and functional. The denim itself is borderline comfortable enough to warrant leniency and be permitted into the category of loungewear, but their short and long-sleeve tees are what will keep you coming back for more. Their ‘Luz’ T-shirts are, quite frankly, excellent. The fits are exceptional and the style is timeless, so if you’re in the market for a deep V, you’ll need to look elsewhere. Jeanerica is putting out straight fire right now, and while they ship around the globe, it would be epic to see them stocked by some local retailers soon #TheBrandThatCouldSaveDavidJones.


“NEVER COMING TO A DEPARTMENT STORE NEAR YOU” goes the motto for OCD27, the in-house label for specialty luxury retailer Hirshleifers – a department store in itself. If you don’t know Hirshliefers, you need to.

They’re widely considered to be the last great department store, and perhaps the best-kept secret in men’s fashion (mostly because it’s fashion for the 1%). Heirshleifers (and by default, OCD27) is the very definition of cool without being ‘too cool’, but OCD27 is a bit of an anomaly – The run is extremely limited, the drops are few and far between. Not exactly something for everyone, but definitely everything for someone. If you head to their website, all they have available right now is a tie-dye tote, but their next drop is a single blue hoodie with a Dive Shop/Tropicana brand design. Due for release before the end of September, you’ll want to set the alarm for this one. 

Alex Eagle Sporting Club

Alex Eagle is UK-based, but a universal tastemaker, and it is pretty much a sure thing that if you’re on her radar, you’re set. So with Eagle set to launch the AE Sporting Club this Spring, we’re all in for a treat. As well as being a literal sporting club inspired by those of Britain’s past (think fencing, croquet, grass-court tennis), AESC has got threads. They look sick. 

The designs were done with the team from Chandelier Creative (whose client list itself includes everyone from Adidas to Cartier), and based on the snippets they’ve shared so far, the vibe is classic unisex and varsity-style tees, jumpers, shorts, and caps. While you wait, their Instagram is straight-up nostalgia for Wimbledon whites, wooden tennis rackets, and swims in the Riviera. 

Todd Snyder

Loungewear Brands

We’re big fans of the work Todd Snyder does, bringing a contemporary interpretation of American preppy style into 2024 with bold stripes, block colours and an appreciation of denim. He also makes a great set of sweats, either from the Todd Snyder core collection or from his recent collaborative efforts with Champion.

The New York-founded brand uses quality materials such as 100% cotton sourced from Peru and genuine 16-ounce fleece, to create garments that you won’t want to change out of when you leave the house. With prices starting around $170, there’s a lot to love from the Todd Snyder.

The Arrivals

US-based The Arrivals is helmed by an architect and tech investor, which is probably why they’re so successful. Less focus on ‘farshun’ and more on driving their obsession with function-forward design and innovative materials. They’re known for their leather jackets, but what we’re keen on is their storm-proof puffers, ‘Soft Wear’ of hoodies, and long/short-sleeve tees. It’s a classic fairytale of Fashion-meets-function, but with hoodies made with micro-weave fleece and back ventilated mesh, the story of The Arrivals is legit. The only downside? Shipping outside of the US/Canada is currently off the cards, so you might need to factor in a little extra $ for shipping using a third-party delivery service like Hop Shop Go.

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