Mahershala Ali Is The New Face Of Zegna

Two-time Oscar-winning actor Mahershala Ali has been appointed the face of Zegna’s latest movement to re-define what it means to be a man following his appearance at Zegna’s XXX show at Milan Fashion Week.

The luxury fashion house and private family business has been dressing leading men all over the world for 110 years, and have the power to inspire a new, far wider definition of being a man in a fearless exploration of modern masculinity.

The versatile actor who has depicted and embodied many shades of masculinity both on and off-screen, bringing his own gravitas and lightness of spirit, will work closely with the brand to drive the concept of ‘courage’ as the necessary kindle for this movement to spark.

Interestingly, Zegna is the only luxury brand to be vertically integrated and own their entire supply chain, manufacturing suits and providing fabrics to some of the biggest names in fashion like Gucci & Tom Ford. If there’s an influential man dressed in any of the world’s biggest suiting names, chances are he’s wearing the threads of Zegna on his back.

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