— Updated on 15 June 2021

The North Face x Gucci Collection Has Finally Arrived

— Updated on 15 June 2021
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

High-end couture meets hiking as The North Face x Gucci collaboration teased back in September has officially been revealed. Showcasing a ready-to-wear collection which offers everything from goose-feather down-padded coats to t-shirts, and even camping apparel, what you’ll encounter below embodies the spirit of both exploration – in more ways than one.

“The North Face famously outfits those who seek adventure,” reads the issued press statement.

“But there are also deeper parallels between the stories of Gucci and its new
partner. Since their founding in San Francisco in 1966, the brand has committed to pioneering product innovation and enabling all forms of exploration.”

“It is a well-acknowledged notion that travel leads to self-discovery, and in this conviction, The North Face is aligned with Gucci, which similarly empowers people in their quest to celebrate and express their own characters and personalities… a powerful instrument of freedom.”

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Championing a distinctly 70s-inspired aesthetic, this co-branded effort unites Gucci’s love for loud, vibrant, vivid and luxuriously maximalist print designs with field-tested functionality that’s practically synonymous with The North Face name. In other words, this is all about looking fly in the wild.

A project so intrinsically associated with the great outdoors and nature, however, would be an empty gesture without due consideration to the environment. Which is why in line with both The North Face and Gucci’s commitment to sustainability, eco-friendly materials such as ECONYL – a recyclable nylon fabric sourced from regenerated materials (i.e. fishing nets, carpets, other scraps) – have been central to the collection in question.

Garments, carrier bags, boxes, and pouches have also been strategically designed to reduce its environmental impact “at every step of creation”. All paper and cardboard have apparently been sourced from sustainably managed forest sources, purposefully making use of uncoated paper to ensure it’s fully recyclable.

The North Face x Gucci will include the following items for men:


  • goose-feather down-padded coats
  • bomber jackets
  • quilted jackets
  • fleece jackets
  • windbreakers
  • vests
  • shirts / t-shirts
  • sweatshirts
  • jumpsuits
  • bobble hats
  • bucket hats

Luggage + Miscellaneous

  • backpacks (dome-shaped medium backpack available in five different prints w/ contrast leather patches, rope zip pullers, web straps; larger size hiking-style available in six different prints w/ multiple pockets, top flap, snaps)
  • belt bags (small belt bag available in seven different prints; maxi size belt bag available in two different pints w/ three front flap pockets)
  • tent
  • sleeping bag


  • gender-neutral hiking boot available in three colours w/ “chunky & sturdy” Goodyear-welted sole, eyelets, rope-like striped lace

The North Face x Gucci will be available to purchase via international stores from January 4th onwards and online from January 22nd (early access can be secured by a raffle occurring on December 23rd).

north face gucci
north face gucci
north face gucci
north face gucci
north face gucci
north face gucci
north face gucci
north face gucci
north face gucci
north face gucci

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