Thom Browne’s $45K Bag In The Shape Of His Dog

We all show love for our pets in different ways. Some of us come home with a new toy. Some of us dedicate a good hour for belly rubs. Some of us even make entire Instagram accounts for them, and pretend they run it themselves (… just me?). This last one was the extent of elaborate pet love gestures… until recently.

Thom Browne has decided to double down, up the ante, and show us all up in this bark and boujee accessory (freaking nailed it.). The US fashion designer and lover of canines has graced the world with his latest creation, a crocodile leather bag in the image of his equally famed furry friend, Hector Browne. Hector the wire-haired Dachshund (who also has his own Instagram account for those of your interested) has made recurring appearances in the human Browne’s collections. Tote bags, prints, and even knitwear specifically for dogs, Hector has been on it all.

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… morning cup of joe … #thombrowne

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Ordinary non-dog themed Thom Browne pieces usually fetch (heh.) quite the lofty number price tag wise, but this tribute to one man’s best friend exceeds the norm with an incredible €30,050. That’s $34,952 USD, or $45,475 AUD. Regardless of exchange rate, the purchase will no doubt be a little ruff on your bank account (how am I doing?).

For those of you so inclined to add this niche bit of animal couture, you can do so at colette with a range of colour schemes to choose from.