Tom Brady Launches Fashion Label To Become NFL’s Jordan Brand
— 4 October 2021

Tom Brady Launches Fashion Label To Become NFL’s Jordan Brand

— 4 October 2021

At 44-years-old, Tom Brady is currently in his 22nd NFL season and just four years shy of being the oldest player in the league’s entire history. And yet somehow, he’s still putting up better numbers than he was 15 years ago. Despite his ongoing success on the field, it does appear that we are beginning to get a look at what post-football life might resemble for Tom Brady, with the announcement of his eponymous fashion label: BRADY.

The brand draws many parallels to the widely popular athleisure brand, Air Jordan. According to the Wall Street Journal, TB12 hopes that his own namesake brand can almost function as American football’s counterpart to the Jordan Brand. The star quarterback has enlisted Jens Grede – who was integral to establishing the Skims empire of Kim Kardashian – as BRADY Co-Founder & CEO. Former DKNY designer and co-founder of streetwear label Public School New York, Dao-Yi Chow, is also onboard.

“We’re just focused on creating the finest sports brand in the world,” says Jens Grede.

“That really is the ambition.”

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The move is hardly a surprising one when you think about it. Brady is married to Gisele Bündchen, one of the highest-paid models in the world, and proudly retains a reputation for being a pretty stylish bloke in his own right. From serving as an ambassador to IWC, appearing in a series of UGGs advertisements, to attending the Met Gala from time to time, he’s already accrued some serious cred in the fashion world over the years. Bündchen even went as far as saying:

“He loves clothes way more than I do. He has great taste and understands and really cares about what people want, what can help them feel good. That’s what fashion is about.”

Unlike Jordan, Tom Brady appears to be marketing BRADY on the basis of his relatability, rather than being powered solely by his legendary status. “The reality is that I’m very human,” explains Brady (incorrectly). While it’s unclear what the BRADY fashion label will look like in practice, we do know it’s set to debut at Nordstrom in December and will consist of a line of casual wear and training clothes.

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