Cop The UNIQLO Jil Sander “+J” Collab In Australia From Today

Australian’s can finally get their hands on the limited second UNIQLO Jil Sander collaboration – eleven years on from the first successful drop.

Jil Sander, The legendary German “Queen of Less'” has translated her design principles of harmony, proportion and minimalism into the highly anticipated collection. All eighteen men’s styles have a sleek and clean aesthetic; debuting in practical blacks, navy’s and dark greens.

The range offers up Sander’s understated elegance at a practical UNIQLO starting price. You can cop modern outerwear, down, sweaters, shirts, tops, pants and accessories with prices upwards of AU$29.90.

There are a decent few we’re loving, the +J Double Face Oversized Work Jacket in Blue, and the +J Hybrid Down Oversized Parka in Dark Green are purposefully oversized and qualify as unisex.

Typically, Australia lagged behind the world when it came to UNIQLO’s Autumn/ Winter seasonal launch, which sold out online in 10 minutes. Yet in 2021, we’re one of the few privileged countries (not in lockdown) that can preview it in-store, as well as online.

UNIQLO Jil Sander

Selected styles are available at all UNIQLO stores from today, May 6th, with a purchase limit per order. Alternatively, snap up what you can from the UNIQLO Jil Sander collection on their website.