Montblanc Legend Red Is The Ultimate Everyday Fragrance For Men

Montblanc Legend Red Is The Ultimate Everyday Fragrance For Men

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When it comes to men’s fragrance, you can never overlook the stature of an easy-to-wear essential. You know, those incredibly versatile, one-and-done scents that nail the cost-per-wear ratio and occupy the frontmost spot in your fragrance collection. 

Across the past decade, the Montblanc Legend Franchise has embodied that idea. And from standouts in the line like Legend EDT and Legend Spirit, it’s clear the German luxury house is as consistent and considered when it comes to the art of perfumery as it is with the high-end writing instruments it was founded upon.

What Montblanc and stalwart perfumer Olivier Pescheux began a decade ago with the original Montblanc Legend has become one of the most reliable collections in perfumery. For the original, the luxury house distilled the sharp sense of confidence and purpose behind its influential products into a herbaceous fougère scent that was impactful and influential. Now, in 2022, a new iteration has been born with Montblanc Legend Red EDP, determined to pen a fresh chapter and reaffirm the house’s legacy in perfumery.

Many Sides To The Same Story

Aimed squarely at the confident and complex man, Montblanc Legend Red EDP is both expansive and deliciously smooth, sporting a dynamic profile that still manages to be focused, expressive and exacting. 

You’ve got dependable perfumers Anne Flipo and Nicolas Beaulieu to thank for that. Together, they’ve unified many different angles to cobble together a perfume with defined layers, first setting the scene with full-bodied juicy citrus freshness of blood orange and zesty grapefruit and then opening up to contrasting spice with cardamom as well as pops of aromatic, herbaceous notes with juniper berry, cedarwood and clary sage.

Magnetic, incredibly charismatic woody notes come in with a hard left turn to mahogany, atlas cedarwood and some sweet tonka bean to round the profile out with a creamy sensuality. Polishing the bold yet sensitive scent with an irresistible finish and masculine intensity.

Montblanc’s legacy lies in storytelling after all. The swift expression of ideas. And it’s this sense of clear communication that is mirrored quite brilliantly with Montblanc Legend Red EDP. It speaks to a man who has numerous sides and angles yet still manages to appear calm, composed and straight to the point. 

The man who wears Montblanc Legend Red EDP also does so knowing there’s a clarity and transparency behind the fragrance that modernity demands. 

Ingredients such as cedarwood, clary sage and tonka beans were sourced directly from LMR, a company that works with local producers around the world to ethically source pure, natural and sustainable produce. 

With supporting environmental management, sustainable development and local communities at the heart of what LMR does, men wearing Montblanc Legend Red EDP do so knowing they’re rocking a fragrance that does not contain ingredients of animal origin and is formulated with naturally derived alcohol.

So Why Red?

Montblanc Legend has taken many forms, so why did the house choose the colour red to celebrate the collection’s tenth anniversary? It’s a fair question, but the answer should be obvious to anyone who has admired the bold, eye-catching colour of Montblanc’s iconic “Rouge et Noir” fountain pen before.

As one of Montblanc’s earliest writing innovations, released in 1906, this highly-sought fountain pen gave the house its signature colour. And red has since appeared on some of Montblanc’s most important and influential products. This is the first time it has been introduced to the fragrance collection, resulting in a sleek curved bottle that mirrors the intense lacquered surface of the iconic Montblanc Meisterstück.

The red lacquered finish of the bottle has been contrasted with a silver stopper for a chic, modern look any man would be proud to have sitting in their fragrance wardrobe. The bottle is embossed on the upper part of the bottle and on its lid, with the wordmark filled in black to mirror the outer packaging. Three rings feature on the stopper to reflect the spirit of the Meisterstück 149, reiterating the sense of occasion and ordaining Montblanc Legend Red EDP as the next chapter in the ongoing story of this legendary house.

Montblanc Legend Red EDP is now available in Australian Myer stores in either a 50 ml bottle ($107) or 100 ml bottle ($148).

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