30 Ways To Rock The Perfect Mullet Hairstyle
Image credit: @bazlenka
— Updated on 26 April 2024

30 Ways To Rock The Perfect Mullet Hairstyle

— Updated on 26 April 2024
Nick Kenyon
Nick Kenyon

A mullet hairstyle isn’t for everyone. It’s bold, it’s attention-grabbing, and it speaks to simpler times when the cars were louder, the beers were cheaper, and everybody knew: “The higher the hair, the closer to God.”

However, if you have what it takes to pull it off, the range of options within the “business upstairs, party downstairs” modern mullet hairstyle are as varied as they are personally expressive. Without further ado, let’s get into the complete range of modern mullet haircut options available today, from the mullet fade and the short mullet, to the shag mullet and the mohawk mullet haircut.

mullet hairstyle

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30 Of The Best Mullet Haircuts

1. Classic Long Mullet

Image: @brodiethebarber_

The Beastie Boys helped propel the mullet into the landscape of popular culture with their hit 1994 song ‘Mullet Head.’ According to the hip-hop group, the ideal mullet uses a #1 shaver on the sides of the head and a #6 on the crown of the head while leaving the hair at the back untouched. 

Those with medium or long hair can rock this look by shaving the sides shorter and cutting the fringe to suit their face shape. The classic long-hair mullet is a popular Aussie mullet hairstyle for any hair type but suits men with straight, wavy, and curly hair best. 

2. Mullet With Long Fringe & Taper Fade

mullet hairstyle

A mullet with a long fringe and taper fade is one of the best mullet haircut options you can pick. This look works for anyone with straight or curly hair, regardless of whether you’ve got thin, curly, or thick hair.

While a classic mullet features a short fringe and buzz cut on the sides, this look keeps the bangs long so you can slick back the hair or style it into curtain bangs to frame your face shape. The hair at the back of the head is kept long for an easy man bun or flow, while the sides are cut shorter to accentuate the mullet. 

3. Short Slick-Back Mullet

Image: @birdsbarbershop

The short, slick-back mullet is a hairstyle that’ll turn heads for sure. With this haircut, the sides are faded or shaved, while the hair at the top of the head and near the nape of the neck is kept longer for a look reminiscent of a faux hawk.

That said, instead of a spiky hairdo, this cut uses hair products like gel to slick the fringe back, creating a rounded top that flows down. Pair the short, slick-back mullet with any type of beard style for maximum effect.

4. French Crop Mullet

Image: @thejuhleal

The French crop mullet is one of the best men’s haircuts because it’s fresh up front and flowy out the back. The classic French crop is a short mullet that clips the hair at the back and sides of the head while keeping the hair at the crown longer.

The mullet version, on the other hand, features a short fringe and faded sides but allows the hair near the neck to stay long. A French crop mullet suits all hair types, making for a great curly mullet haircut, but equally good for men with straight or wavy hair. 

5. Curly Mullet With Long Fringe

Image: @brodiethebarber_

The curly mullet hairstyle with a long fringe is a great mullet haircut if you want one that shows off your natural curls and thick hair. Instead of trimming the fringe to the hairline or just below, this hairdo features bangs that cover the forehead. To create the curly mullet hairstyle, the sides are shaved, faded, or trimmed to draw the eye from the bangs to the back of the head. 

6. Long Slick-Back Mullet

mullet hairstyle

If you aren’t ready to say goodbye to your long hair but want a new look that’s a little more clean and professional, try the long, slick-back mullet. This haircut is one of the best long hairstyles, no matter if you’ve got straight, wavy, or curly hair.

Typically this hairdo features shorter hair on the sides with long and flowy hair at the back of the head. Instead of fussing over how to style the fringe, this modern mullet hairstyle looks ideal slicked back with some hair gel, creating the wavy mullet of your dreams.

7. Skin Fade Ponytail Mullet

mullet hairstyle

The skin fade ponytail mullet is an eye-catching hairstyle suited to the gentleman who’s keen to keep the sides of his hair a little tighter, but doesn’t want to sacrifice his long locs. In essence, the skin fade ponytail mullet combines a French crop with an undercut mullet haircut.

The sides and most of the back of the head are either fully shaven or feature a tight fade, while the hair near the nape of the neck is left long enough to be pulled into a low-hanging ponytail. Use a set of quality beard trimmers for a smooth shave on your face and your head to recreate the look of a skin fade ponytail mullet. 

8. Blonde Mullet With Man Bun

mullet hairstyle

A blonde mullet with a man bun is a classy style that’s perfect for everything from friendly gatherings to happy hours and corporate jobs. This simple yet attractive hairstyle features shaved or faded sides while the hair at the top of the head is kept long enough to slick back over the crown.

Tie the hair up with an elastic for a man bun or let your hair blow in the breeze. The blonde mullet with a man bun is best suited to men with long, thick, or fine hair. 

9. Straight Bang Mullet

Image: @_ryosaito_

A classic mullet typically features a short fringe, but you can personalise the look to suit your style by incorporating a straight-cut bang for a more modern mullet hairstyle.

A straight-bang mullet is a popular Asian mullet hairstyle that suits men with straight hair of all hair types, including coarse hair, thin hair, or thick hair. Your barber will cut a straight line of the same length on the fringe, shave or shorten the sides, and keep the hair at the top and back of the head longer. 

10. Caesar Cut With Mullet

mullet hairstyle

A Caesar cut with a mullet is one of the coolest mullet haircuts because it’s suitable for most hair types, including fine hair, coarse hair, curly hair, or straight hair. 

This popular hairstyle is similar to a French crop mullet but includes a shorter fringe. The sides of the head are shaven or have a tight fade that accentuates the healthy hair cascading down the back of the neck. 

11. Mullet With Curtain Bangs

mullet hairstyle

A mullet with curtain bangs keeps the fringe long so that it frames your face. Meanwhile, the sides are cut shorter or feature a tight fade while the hair at the back of the head remains long. 

Whether you have a diamond, oval, round, or heart face shape, curtain bangs help to frame the face and highlight your attractive facial features. This look suits men with longer hair and is a stylish haircut for most hair types, including straight, wavy, or curly hair. 

12. Permed Mullet

mullet hairstyle

The permed mullet is the ideal haircut for men with straight or wavy hair who want to change their look drastically. A perm is a semi-permanent hairstyle that uses chemicals to curl the hair into perfect ringlets, creating a curly mohawk mullet haircut.

For this kind of mullet, you’ll cut the sides short and allow the curls at the top and back of the head to flow down for a textured look that’s trendy, stylish, and professional. 

13. Spiky Mullet With Angular Fringe

Image: @heavyhands

The spiky mullet with an angular fringe is a solid haircut if you want a rocker hairstyle. This hairdo combines a faux hawk with a mullet by keeping the hair at the top of the head and the neck long, and the hair at the sides short.

Instead of slicking back the hair, use hair gel to add texture and create vertical spiky hair at the top of your head. Feel free to ask your barber to get creative with the fringe by cutting it into a v-shape. To complete the look, add some hair dye for dramatic colouring. 

14. Textured Mullet With Skin Fade

Image: @titan_barbe

A textured mullet with a skin fade is one of the best fade haircuts for those with long or medium-length hair. This modern mullet hairstyle is easily achieved by fading the sides and keeping the rest of the hair long yet maintained.

The textured mullet with a skin fade works best with curly or wavy hair, but those with straight hair can also pull off this style by using hair products to add more volume and texture. 

15. Short Quiff Mullet With Taper Fade

Image: @modernbarbermag

The short quiff mullet with a taper fade is another great mullet haircut, whether you have a full beard, a freshly-shaven face, or any beard style in between. Instead of having the fringe fall over the forehead, the short quiff mullet with a taper fade pushes the fringe backwards for a quiff or pompadour-like hairstyle.

The sides of the head feature a taper fade that draws attention to the long hair at the top and back of the head. This short mullet hairstyle suits men with medium to short hair that’s straight or wavy. 

16. Curly Mullet With Fade

Image: @dreaded_barbers

The curly mullet with a fade is similar to a permed mullet but this look is for men with natural texture curls. Your barber will keep the textured hair at the top and back of your head longer while cutting down the sides with a skin fade or buzz cut.

You’ll need some maintenance to keep this hairstyle looking fresh, like hair gel or mousse. 

17. Flowy Mullet With Disconnected Undercut

18. Textured Mullet With Dyed Tips

19. Horseshoe Flat Top Skin Fade Mullet

20. Layered Mullet With Dyed Tips

Image: @cjdabarber_

21. Flat Top Mullet With Quiff

22. Advanced Mullet With Curtain Bangs & Tight Fade

23. French Crop Mullet With Skin Fade & Exposed Sideburns

Image: @dreclipperhands

24. Comb-Over Mullet

25. Mullet With A Full Beard

Image: @_joe-min

26. Colourful Mullet With Taper

27. Faux Hawk Mullet

Image: @matias

28. Wolf Cut

29. Straight Mullet With Curly Fringe

30. Permed Mullet With Fade

Mullet Haircuts For Men Tips & Tricks

The modern mullet has evolved somewhat from the heyday in the 70s and 80s, giving folks a little more freedom to experiment and play around with the iconic style statement.

So why is the mullet haircut back? While it’s been around for decades, the 2020 pandemic brought them back to the fore as men started to let their hair grow long and barbers were impossible to visit. What better way to react to the stress and uncertainty of a global pandemic than with some playful fun with shrubbery on your head?

This iconic hairstyle boasts a presentable front with shorter hair at the top and sides of the head; while the hair near the nape of the neck is left long and luscious. Whether you’re a fan of the Beastie Boys, or the movie Joe Dirt, or you just want to look like Aussie golfing great Cameron Smith, a mullet haircut is an exceptional choice to showcase a healthy head of hair and an even healthier level of self-esteem. 

Avoid the most common hair mistakes with these expert tips and tricks for maintaining your incredible mullet haircut. 

1. Blow Dry Instead of Air Dry

A blow dryer is one of the best tools for styling your mullet, especially if you have a quiff haircut with a long flow. Instead of air drying your hair, a blow dryer helps push the hair into place so it dries in the style you prefer. 

2. Use Hair Products

Countless hair products that can help you keep your mullet in tip-top shape. Some of the best options for easy maintenance include the following: 

  • Hair spray 
  • Hair gel 
  • Mousse 
  • Hair elastics 

Hair spray helps to harden the hair after you’ve blown it dry or brushed it into the preferred shape. Hair gel adds texture, shine, and firmness to spiky hairstyles or slick-back cuts. At the same time, mousse is a fantastic hair product for anyone who wants to accentuate their natural curls. 

For a low-maintenance hairstyle, grab some hair elastics to create a man bun or mullet ponytail. 

3. Use Conditioner

Conditioner helps to add shine and nutrients to your hair. For those with a long mullet, incorporating conditioner into your shower routine will help your flow look and feel healthy, soft, and shiny, as well as reduce the number of split ends. 

4. Regularly Visit Your Barber

The best way to easily maintain your mullet haircut is to see your barber regularly. You can maintain the perfect fade and length for an effortlessly attractive look by getting a trim every two to three weeks.  

Did you find this list helpful? Check out some of our other grooming guides.

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