eBay ‘Authenticity Guarantee’ Comes To Australia So You Can Cop Those Legit International Sneaker Drops
— Updated on 16 July 2021

eBay ‘Authenticity Guarantee’ Comes To Australia So You Can Cop Those Legit International Sneaker Drops

— Updated on 16 July 2021
Chris Singh
Chris Singh

[UPDATE: 16/07/2021]: eBay have now officially opened their first authentication centre in Australia, landing on a Sydney warehouse as the chosen venue. That means nearly 80,000 additional sneaker listings will be covered locally by eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee program, using a strict data-driven process. The process involves various aspects of the shoe being checked, including logo placement, stitching, leather quality, and smell. Once confirmed as authentic, the sneakers are given a unique NFC tag with a digital certificate before being express shipped to the buyer.

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Copping that exclusive drop is about to get a whole lot easier, and safer, for Aussie sneakerheads as eBay brings their Authenticity Guarantee concept down under. 

Now available on eBay Australia, the Authenticity Guarantee program has launched alongside local access to almost 90,000 US-based listings from highly sought sneaker brands like Yeezy, New Balance, Nike, and Reebok – all of which can be verified by third-party authenticator Sneaker Con before shipping.

Making use of Sneaker Con’s extensive authentication process, eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee is a rather straightforward idea that simply sends a pair of kicks off to a dedicated authentication centre after they have been purchased. With eBay currently covering all authentication costs, the facility, located in either New York or Las Vegas, then performs an official physical inspection. Once verified as the real deal, the sneakers are shipped straight to you, and the item’s international delivery cost is fully covered by the program.

For most badged listings, this will mean delivery is free.

Once received, you can scan an official Authenticity Guarantee tag with your phone, which will open an encrypted digital certificate showing the products details, size, SKU, and date of authentication. As each certificate is entirely unique and one-of-one, the tags cannot be reused or replication.

Now launched, the Authenticity Guarantee program will initially be available for sneakers sold for a minimum of US$150 (AU$194), or pre-owned sneakers sold for more than US$300 (AU$388). Right now it applies to brands such as the aforementioned Yeezy, New Balance, Nike, and Reebok, as well as Jordan, Adidas, Vans, Asics, Converse, and Puma.

Given fakes are a real concern for buyers, the launch of eBay Australia’s Authenticity Guarantee program is a genuine gamechanger for sneaker enthusiasts in the country. There’s also the fact that, according to current OECD statistics, the global trade in counterfeit goods is worth nearly half a trillion dollars a year. This represents a significant step in helping solve that very large, ever-present issue for sneaker collectors. 

Over the next few months, eBay plans to bring the Authenticity Guarantee program to local sellers by setting up an Australian team of third-party authenticators. This will make it even easier and quicker to get your hands around a legitimate pair of the latest new sneakers without having to wait for a local drop.

Notably, online marketplace StockX Australia has recently launched, and has already set up a local team of authenticators in Melbourne.

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