Why A Pair Of R.M.Williams Boots Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Why A Pair Of R.M.Williams Boots Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

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Among lifelong R.M.Williams customers, a well-trod joke consists of observing how these individuals are likely to have owned and worn at least one pair of the brand’s boots longer than most personal relationships.

That’s less of a knock against the joy of romance and friendship, and more a testament to the enduring appeal of Australia’s most iconic boot maker – a brand that has shod millions of Aussies across the ages in footwear of rugged beauty and wondrous comfort. From Adelaide to the world.

Of all the styles the brand offers, none are more emblematic of R.M.Williams’ story than the Craftsman. On the off-chance your mates and loved ones have been living under a rock, there’s no better time than the holiday season to acquaint them with what will surely become a lifelong companion – in suede, yearling or a rich variety of other naturally-sourced premium leathers.

In truth though, there’s never an untimely moment to introduce anyone to the joys of the Craftsman. After all, we like to think that RM himself would wish for customers to wear his signature Chelsea-style boots in the spirit they’d been crafted – through each one of life’s many adventures, whether they be momentous challenges or small victories.

A Heritage of Hands

Even in 2022, the Craftsman can confidently lay claim to the title of Australia’s best-made Chelsea boot – and possibly, the world. 

Each Craftsman begins life as a single piece of whole-cut leather at R.M.Williams’ South Australian workshop; when properly ‘clicked’ and lasted, offering exceptional strength, flexibility and a sinuously curved shape. 

From start to finish, each pair of Craftsman boots will pass through no less than 80 sets of hands – each dedicated to a single, equally crucial aspect of the shoemaking process that encompasses everything from classic cordwaining techniques (e.g. twin-needle stitching) to details that are signature innovations, inextricable from the heritage of the R.M.Williams brand. 

Above all else, every Craftsman bears witness to the impossible difficulty of doing life’s simple things well. Weighing the shoe’s distinctive, sharply waisted silhouette in-hand, you’ll perceive no gimmicks, chemical adhesives or space-age material: just an object made with the wisdom of ages, held together by literally a single seam – visibly running from the top of the shoe’s in-step and across its back. 

Fashion, Fuelled by Function

The Craftsman’s wholecut single-seam upper offers more than just ingenious engineering. By reducing the number of visible stitches and favouring one piece of meticulously blocked and stitched leather, R.M.Williams’ shoemakers are able to craft a footwear silhouette that transcends time, trends and all but the stiffest of social settings. 

The original design may have initially been intended for the red soil of the Australian outback and the rough and tumble lifestyle of the archetypal stockman, but nowadays, you’re just as likely – if not more so – to find a pair of Craftsman, complete with the brand’s signature ‘Comfort’ insole, on the feet of well-heeled professionals in concrete jungles across the world. 

And for good reason – because few boots can take you from the trading floor to the dance floor with quite so much comfortable panache. Even if you’ve been wearing them for the best part of a 14-hour office day, 5 days a week, year after year.

Ageing Gracefully

And if you put in the effort, your R.M.Williams will too. A good working relationship with your own pair of Craftsman is one that’s unequivocally rewarding. 

At R.M.Williams, the rigorous quality control contributes to a product that will only get better with age, moulding to the unique ebbs and flows of its wearer, wherever you might choose to tread. 

Built from the very ground up to endure, it’s no exaggeration to say that, with a little regular TLC, each pair of Craftsman can become a lifelong companion. Common sense rituals – like slipping your boots on with the attached ‘tugs’ and fitting them with boot trees when not in use – can be the difference between a good and unforgettable wearing experience; and, despite what may initially possess the appearance of a chore, setting aside an hour every few months to recondition and polish will soon prove a pleasurable escape. 

And remember: if you’re shopping for one of those ‘man who has everything’ types this year, consider one of R.M.Williams’ convenient digital gift cards – a great workaround in case you can’t decide what style is right for them.

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