The Salomon Index.01 Is A Truly Recyclable Performance Running Shoe

The Salomon Index.01 Is A Truly Recyclable Performance Running Shoe

James Want
James Want



Born from the desire to create a ski boot from a recycled shoe – thus completing a truly circular production process – in late 2019 Salomon unveiled a concept running shoe that was made entirely of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). To bring that holistic (and admirable) vision to market, however, required designers not just consider the shoe’s afterlife, but also prioritise comfort, and performance. That concept has inspired the new Salmon Index.01. 

Building a recyclable shoe eventually came in the form of a recycled insole and Polyester upper secured to a nitrogen-infused, TPU-based foam called INFINIRIDE, which can be ground into tiny pieces and recycled when the shoe reaches the end of its life. Water-based glue is used to connect the two materials which can be easily disassembled and recycled separately, with the sole ground up and used alongside virgin TPU to create Salomon ski boots (in Europe).

Recycling any product is, of course, dependent on not just the end-user playing his/her part but also the brand making the process as easy as possible for the consumer. Fortunately, commencing the process is as simple as visiting, and sending used shoes to the closest collection point, free of charge. 

“It’s important to be sustainably consistent in collecting the shoes at the end of their life,” says Olivier Mouzin, Manager of Salomon’s Footwear Sustainability Program. “We don’t want them to travel all over the planet. That’s why, as a first step, we set up collection centers in each region. From there, we also had to find recycling partners to recycle the used shoe materials locally.” 

Romantic notions of sustainability aside, ultimately, the Index.01 couldn’t live in the brand’s core range – or showcase its forward-thinking future – without satisfying stringent testing requirements. It had to function.

Unlike previous releases from Salomon, the proven INFINIRIDE technology isn’t paired with an outsole – the foam is one singular structure that has been optimised for both cushioning and durability. It delivers in equal parts on support, flex, and grip – and at just 285 grams – weight. Furthermore, the shoe’s R/Camber (rocker) geometry promises spritely propulsion and seamless transitions, so the wearer spends less time in contact with the ground.  

“The Index.01 isn’t just a responsive and capable running shoe – it looks awesome, so I suspect it will make a splash in the lifestyle sneaker scene too,” says former Olympian and Salomon athlete Courtney Atkinson.

“I’ve been a professional athlete for over twenty years and this is one of the most exciting innovations I’ve seen in my time. It’s not a gimmick – a truly recyclable performance running shoe, developed in the mountains in Annecy. To think how many pairs of shoes I’ve gone through, and to know Salomon is doing something about it – I’m proud to be a part of it.”

Not only is the Salomon Index.01 a huge step forward in circular product initiatives, but it also’s an undeniably stylish and versatile shoe, at home on 5-10km runs, daily walks, in the gym, or sitting at your desk…paired with some technical outerwear (of course).  

The Salomon Index.01 is now available to purchase in Australia for $280. 

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