After Hours With Gavin Rubinstein: A Delicate Balance Of Sales, Structure, & Sacrifice

After Hours With Gavin Rubinstein: A Delicate Balance Of Sales, Structure, & Sacrifice

James Want
James Want



Self-confessed (and by default) workaholic, TRG Founder Gavin Rubinstein has bitten off more than most could chew since the airing of Luxe Listings Sydney.

Juggling his best year on record – in what could be described as uncertain times – with running his business, building and recruiting agents at his firm, filming/promoting a hit TV series, and building what he promises will be “the best real estate office in the country” alongside recording his podcast, and rolling out his new ‘TRG’ luxury real estate brand (after recently parting ways with Ray White)… with his personal life, requires fastidious time management, and “the best team in the business.”

Off the back of our shoot with the new Piaget Polo and Skeleton, we sat down with Gav to discuss what makes him tick after hours, not that the hustle ever really stops. 

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For those who orbit the day-to-day of Gavin, there’s an unspoken understanding of how things work, and no two people know it better than Head Of Operations Shani Asadon, and EA Remi Lindsay. Of course, everyone who represents the brand, from Gavin’s key agents to his brother Jarryd the MD, must walk the walk, but it’s Shani and Remi who anticipate his every move, ensuring Gavin can operate independently while overseeing every aspect of TRG’s operations. 

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Gavin speaks honestly about his attitude towards going to the gym, with his training week starting on Sunday and running through to Thursday, with Friday & Saturday off for recovery. “There’s a vanity element, obviously. Look good, feel good, work good. They’re all connected.” It’s a refreshing take in a world of superfluous routines touted by tech entrepreneurs.

“I’ve tried meditation – it doesn’t work for me. Ultimately the gym is my release, my outlet, and prepares me for my day.” Structure is vital, and that continues in Gavin’s diet, which consists of fresh pre-made lunches and dinners prepared by Elleni at Angie Baby Kitchen. One less thing to worry about seems to be the key to each day running as efficiently as possible. 

When Gavin is lunching or enjoying a Saturday evening meal, it’s likely at one of three venues – mimi’s, Totti’s, or Catalina. A creature of habit, he applauds Merivale’s success.

“Sydney and its hospitality scene simply wouldn’t be the same without it, we owe a lot to Hemmes. They understand high-level customer service, which I find Australia ultimately lacks across the board,” says GR. “I’m actually at Bert’s this Sunday for lunch. I don’t take every Sunday off, but when I do there’s a good chance I’m driving up to Newport or Palm Beach, especially if the sun’s out.” 

Vices-wise, he’s not a big midweek drinker, reserving the bulk of his wine and cigar enjoyment for holidays, as he does his gambling. “Pre-COVID, I used to go to Vegas once a year to stay at The Wynn – they’re incredible hosts.” Gavin takes between six and eight weeks off a year, only ever in July and at the end of Dec/early Jan when the market is slowest. “When I’m overseas, no matter how much I want to, I can’t show a house, or go to a listing appointment, so I’m forced to take a break. I can, however, answer the phone, and no matter what or where I am, I always do!” he adds. 

”Le Sirenuse in Positano and The Beverly Hills Hotel are probably my two favourites, although I did just stay in The Four Seasons in Athens which is fast becoming a serious contender.” 

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Back in Sydney, Michael’s in Double Bay serves up a half-full latte en route to P Johnson – when he can afford a moment to indulge his tailoring passion. “I’ve got Porter on speed dial. He must find me incredibly annoying. I love workshopping different looks with him. I find it really therapeutic. I’ve actually just gutted my new place and converted two of the five bedrooms into a wardrobe & dressing room – it must be the biggest male wardrobe in the country, for a dude my size,” he chuckles.

Presenting well is synonymous with the job, but Gavin’s not out to prove anything with his wardrobe or his watch collection anymore, he chose his alignments long before they were in vogue. “I’ve definitely consolidated my watch collection in recent years but remain interested in brands and pieces that fit my aesthetic.”

There’s no doubt business has increased since Luxe Listing’s aired but Gavin is undoubtedly, first and foremost, a real estate agent, and he’s got the numbers to back it. He personally secured $70 million in sales in September alone (a now regular occurrence for GR)- when analytics suggests the market is the toughest it’s been since the correction. “When the TV opportunity was presented to me, I sat down with my team and said, I’m not going to let this impact my job as a business owner or an agent. The only thing I will sacrifice is my personal time.”  

If we are to take anything away from Gavin, it is that relentless time and energy management are the key to “getting the damn thing done.”

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