There’s a Drop Of The World’s Oldest Whisky In This $45,000 Watch

There’s class, there’s luxury and then there’s excess. Some people really have too much money.

A case in point would be Swiss watchmaker Louis Moinet’s recent partnership with Wealth Solutions, a Polish luxury collectable company, to create a unique and ultimately unnecessary concoction of two very luxurious items.

What you see here is a signature timepiece unlike your usual Rolex. This particular anomaly boasts a drop of Old Vatted Glenlivet 1892 in the casing, the world’s oldest whisky.

The release, limited to 50 ‘whisky watches’ will feature a $45,000 gold version and a $17,000 steel edition.

While you consider your options, let us remind you that for $45,000 you could buy six bottles of the whisky itself (should you be able to find it) as the full bottle is valued around $7k. Not to mention you’ll have some left over cash to buy yourself a nice Breitling or Omega on the side. Just think on that.

Check out the madness below, the whisky watch will begin release on April 8th.