Tudor Black Bay GMT Is Already Suffering From Steel Rolex-Itis
— Updated on 30 January 2023

Tudor Black Bay GMT Is Already Suffering From Steel Rolex-Itis

— Updated on 30 January 2023

I’m sure that by this stage many of you will have learnt either through my many impassioned diatribes, or simply from not living under a rock, that steel Rolex watches tend to command premiums on the used market. This is a topic on which I have beaten a dead horse, attempted to draw blood from a stone and so on. However – Rolex-itis (as I have just chosen to call it) has now found a new home in the new Tudor Black Bay GMT.

We’re already seeing inflated aftermarket prices and 1+ year waiting lists with 20+ deposits pending at boutiques, it’s simply unprecedented.

This is important for a couple of reasons.

1) Tudor has never had, to the best of my knowledge, a production model with comparable desire and/or hype that this new “Pepsi” has inspired. I will not attribute this to its similarities with a certain new Rolex GMT, because I truly believe that Tudor’s version has more charm and credibility at its price point(s).

2) People might finally be realising that there are other alternatives to Rolex for steel sports watches. I can honestly say that if I were offered both for retail, I would rather have the Tudor. That bezel is the most perfect execution of homage whilst still remaining credible and of note when considered in a vacuum.

3) Ignoring “The Rolex Factor”, we very rarely see watches at this price point command premiums and waiting lists – and I am pretty fucking happy about it.

This watch is not a budget variant of the Rolex BLRO, and I hope it continues to be seen as a lively, passionate throwback to a brilliant watch that started this whole trend.

I’ve chosen to see the situation like this; the Rolex Pepsi is a perfect modern version of a classic piece. The Tudor Black Bay GMT is a fun, tastefully curated ode to a Bakelite Pepsi – without being corny or drawing value from its Rolex relative.

For once, I believe that the premium you pay for this Tudor might actually be justified – and if you have an opportunity to pick on of these watches up within $1000 of retail, I think that’s worth every damn penny.

Feature Image (and more crackers) can be found at Watchonista.

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