The Wolf 1834 Churchill Safe Is A Stylish Security Essential For Any Watch Collection
— Updated on 15 June 2021

The Wolf 1834 Churchill Safe Is A Stylish Security Essential For Any Watch Collection

— Updated on 15 June 2021
Chris Singh
Chris Singh

If you’re a true watch connoisseur, you’ve no doubt already considered how to store and display your precious collection in the home. A dedicated watch safe is the obvious answer, but there are several options on the market to choose from depending on what aesthetic you’re going for, and how big your collection actually is. Wolf 1834 have come up with one of the standouts on the scene right now, presenting the sleek and elegantly designed Wolf 1834 Churchill watch safe.

When those priceless watches need a home equally focused on aesthetics and style, the nubuck leather interior of the Wolf 1834 Churchill watch safe looks more than up to task. Up to 32 watch winding modules feature within the 475kg safe, along with up to 11 drawers and one service tray lined with black suede, meaning plenty of space for any watches, accessories, and other valuables.

Each winder features a start delay of up to 255 hours, with a patented lock-in cuff design to prevent watch slippage.

Of course, the Wolf 1934 Churchill watch safe can be ordered and customised on-demand, with various configurations when it comes to the amount of winders and drawers included.

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To throw a little smarts into the safe, the winding modules can be controlled via a Bluetooth app with multiple options for directional settings and rotations. This remote way to interact with the safe extends to other uses as well, such as registering the safe’s warranty for extra peace of mind, controlling LED lighting, setting timers, and uploading performance images to use as a background image for the interior.

The outside of the Wolf 1834 Churchill watch safe has been crafted in black mahogany wood with a satin finish and silver hardware accents, dramatic and showy with an adaptable design that should fit in well with most modern homes.

Security is an obvious concern for any watch safe, and fortunately Wolf 1834 have worked up a reliable system built from nine bi-directional steel bolts and high-security keypads.

The Wolf 1834 Churchill watch safe starts from a retail price of US$95,995 (~AU$125,611).

Wolf 1834 Churchill safe features numerous Bluetooth controlled watch winders.
Wolf 1834 Churchill safe comes with various configurations.

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