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One of the few trends in modern cinema I can fully get behind is the wave of classic crime thriller…

The King’s Man Receives An Electrifying Brand New Trailer

UPDATE (28/08/20): The King’s Man has once again been delayed until February 26th of 2021. The King’s Man may be…

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Money maketh the franchise.

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Deadpool’s Guide To Kicking Arse In The Corporate World

There are parallels to be drawn between succeeding in the corporate world and being a high-octane assassin. Here is Deadpool’s guide to making your way upwards on the corporate ladder.

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We find out the nitty gritty at Weta Studios in Wellington.

Becoming An Ape For A Day With The VFX Masters At Weta Digital

We went behind the scenes with 20th Century Fox to check out some of the world’s most advanced motion-capture technology.

Why ‘Logan’ Is A Perfect Metaphor For The Dying Superhero Genre

I’ve never been good at farewells, but even I know when it’s time. To the producers of Logan, here’s hoping you do too.