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Next James Bond Movie

The Next James Bond Movie Will Completely “Reinvent” 007

Both the next James Bond movie and actor have been subject to much speculation ever since Daniel Craig announced he’d…

Knives Out 2 Netflix Rian Johnson Daniel Craig Release Date 2022

‘Knives Out 2’ Hits Netflix & Theatres In Late 2022

Despite the fact his Walther PPK has finally been retired, modern cinema won’t be experiencing a shortage of Daniel Craig….

Henry Cavill Next James Bond Case Study

Henry Cavill Has Already Proven He’d Make The Perfect James Bond

In 2005, when the franchise was seeking a new direction, casting for the next 007 to replace Pierce Brosnan had…

Idris Elba Might Star In The Next James Bond Film But Not As 007

Idris Elba Might Actually Star In The Next James Bond Film (But Not As 007)

Alright, kids. In a situation that’s eerily similar to learning you’ll be receiving two Christmas celebrations from here on out…

Daniel Craig Workout No Time To Die 1

Daniel Craig’s Military-Inspired Workout For ‘No Time To Die’

In order to endure the rigours of portraying James Bond at his age in Cary Joji Fukunaga’s No Time To…

No Time To Die First Reactions Daniel Craigs Farewell Worth The Wait

‘No Time To Die’ First Reactions: Daniel Craig’s Farewell Is “Worth The Wait”

While Australia won’t see No Time To Die in domestic cinemas until November, domestic 007 fans can breathe a big…

Daniel Craig Honorary Commander British Royal Navy

Daniel Craig Appointed Honorary Commander In British Royal Navy

As he concludes his tenure as the iconic MI6 intelligence officer, James Bond, the British Royal Navy has decided to…

No Time To Die Final Trailer

Please God, Make This The Last ‘No Time To Die’ Trailer

Regardless of whatever changes may occur between now and the revised Australian release date of November 11th, BH pledges this…

Daniel Craig Inheritance Distasteful 007 Casino Royale

Daniel Craig Won’t Be Leaving Children A Cent Of His $220 Million Fortune

With an estimated net worth of US$160 million (AU$220 million) thanks to his stint as James Bond – plus another…

Daniel Craig Knives Out Sequels Biggest Hollywood Salary Salaries

Daniel Craig Is Earning Over $100 Million For The ‘Knives Out’ Sequels

In the past, Hollywood’s highest-earning A-listers were marked by box office performance. These days, it’s all about that streaming money….

Netflix Knives Out 2 Knives Out 3 Daniel Craig Ana de Armas.jpg

Netflix Is Paying A Stupid Amount Of Money For ‘Knives Out’ 2 & 3

Rian Johnson’s 2019 sleeper hit starring Daniel Craig and Ana de Armas will officially become a trilogy, as Deadline reports…

no time to die daniel craig social

‘No Time To Die’ Currently Has A Three-Hour Runtime

Better get settled in for the long haul.


What movie is Daniel Craig most famous for

He is best known for playing James Bond in the eponymous film series, beginning with Casino Royale, which brought him international fame.

Favourite Football Club

Liverpool Football Club.


Full Name Daniel Wroughton Craig

Born Chester, United Kingdom