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Donald Trump Hole In One Golf Press Statement

Donald Trump Issues Official Press Statement To Tell Us About His Hole-In-One

The man might still be serving out a life ban from his beloved Twitter, but Donald Trump decided nothing would…

cristiano ronaldo trump tower manhattan

Cristiano Ronaldo To Sell Trump Tower Apartment At A $14 Million Loss

Property values may be climbing to untenable heights here on the east coast of Australia, particularly in Sydney, but that…

Donald Trump Lil Wayne Pardon

President Donald Trump Is Expected To Pardon Lil Wayne

UPDATE [20/01/21]: Just hours before US President-elect Joe Biden is sworn in, Lil Wayne has officially been granted a pardon…

Will Joe Rogan Moderate A Presidential Debate Between Trump & Biden?

2020 is the gift that just keeps on giving. The latest development in what we can all agree is the…

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President Donald Trump Is Technically The 10th Highest Paid Athlete In America

Sponsored by the proud taxpaying citizens of the US of A.

trump limo daytona 500 scaled

President Donald Trump Took Cadillac One For A Hot Lap At The Daytona 500

Yet another first for the 45th US president.

How To Shake Hands Depending On Where You Are In The World

There are good ways to shake hands, there are mediocre handshakes and then there are things like this. Possibly too…

5 Men Who Prove Alpha Male-dom Is Out Of Style

Alpha males. You know the type. Your Chads, Brads, and Kyles whose very existence is just a walking, breathing crusade…

Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau Are Keeping The Bromance Alive

Just the boys hangin’ out.

Trump Sinks To New Low, Orders Steak Well Done With Ketchup

Just when you thought he couldn’t become anymore of a cretin.