James Bond

‘Bond In Motion’ Exhibition Of Original 007 Cars Returns This Month

Much to the dismay of Bond fans around the world, the Bond In Motion exhibit permanently closed its London doors…

No Time To Die Final Trailer

Please God, Make This The Last ‘No Time To Die’ Trailer

Regardless of whatever changes may occur between now and the revised Australian release date of November 11th, BH pledges this…

Henry Cavill Next James Bond Case Study

Henry Cavill Has Already Proven He’d Make The Perfect James Bond

In 2005, when the franchise was seeking a new direction, casting for the next 007 to replace Pierce Brosnan had…

James Bond Travel Experience Pierce Brosnan

James Bond Travel Experience: $110,000 Package Lets You Live Like 007

Publications like BH were borne out of a desire to live the James Bond life, without any danger of being…

007 Collectors Edition Roulette Wheel

007 Collector’s Edition Roulette Wheel Lets You Bring Casino Royale Home

Blokes from all walks of life now have an opportunity to make their Casino Royale fantasies a reality with the…

James Bond Screenwriter John Logan Warns Amazon Could Ruin The Franchise

James Bond Screenwriter John Logan Expresses Concerns About Amazon

Before the ink has dried on Amazon’s blockbuster acquisition of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) valued at US$8.45 billion (AU$10.9 billion), Skyfall and Spectre…

A James Bond themed Leica camera has leaked

Leica Teams Up With Daniel Craig For James Bond Themed Q2 Camera

It seems last year’s leak, promising a 007 version of the Leica Q2 fixed-lens, full-frame camera, wasn’t the last thing…

no time to die delay reshoots nokia

The Hilarious Reason Why ‘No Time To Die’ Needs Reshoots

The lesson we’ve learned after two years and five rescheduled release dates? 007’s true nemesis isn’t Le Chiffre, Blofeld, or…

goldeneye 007 remaster

‘GoldenEye 007’ Remaster Footage Leaked, Potentially Dropping In 2021

goldeneye 007 remaster

the courier trailer - benedict cumberbatch

WATCH: Benedict Cumberbatch Is A Cold War Era Spy In ‘The Courier’

While the world waits for heavyweight spy films like the five-time delayed No Time To Die and the seven-time delayed…

no time to die 007 james bond

‘No Time To Die’ Has Been Delayed Until October

The villain in the shadows was coronavirus all along.

‘Project 007’: A New James Bond Video Game By The ‘Hitman’ Developers

Bond fans are on track to receive more than just the twice-delayed film with the announcement of a brand new…