James Cameron

At Long Last, ‘Avatar: The Way Of Water’ Has A First Trailer

I’ll be entirely honest. Despite last month’s reportage indicating the Avatar sequel was finally arriving with a teaser trailer being…

Avatar 2 way of water release date

‘Avatar 2’ Is Finally Dropping This Year (And We Know The Official Title)

It was two years ago when powerhouse director James Cameron provided a milestone update on the long, long, long overdue…

James Cameron Spider Man Leonardo DiCaprio

James Cameron’s Spider-Man Was “The Greatest Movie” We Never Saw

Long before the Marvel Cinematic Universe introduced Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, before Andrew Garfield’s heart would ultimately be broken…

Matt Damon Avatar Profits 10%

Matt Damon Reveals He Turned Down 10% Of The Profits From ‘Avatar’

Missed opportunities come a dime a dozen in Hollywood. Will Smith turned down playing Neo in The Matrix trilogy to…

The Titanic’s Wreck Was Once Plundered Of US$200 Million In Artefacts (But There’s Still More Up For Grabs)

Million dollar artefacts, rust-eating bacteria, & James Cameron’s obsession.

Mercedes-Benz Reveals An ‘Avatar’ Inspired Concept Car

We’re not sure how it works, either.

‘Avatar: The Way Of Water’ Officially Wraps Filming For The Year

We see you, J. Cameron. We see you.

Watch Rolex’s ‘Art Of Storytelling’ Campaign With Scorsese, Cameron, & More

This new campaign puts four legendary directors front and centre.