Super Mario x TAG Heuer smartwatch comes in an exclusive case

TAG Heuer’s Connected Super Mario Will Gamify Your Smart Watch With 90s Nostalgia

Intrepid video game icon Mario – as in Super Mario – is the subject of a new collaboration between TAG…

Queen Elizabeth Nintendo Wii

Queen Elizabeth’s Gold Nintendo Wii Lists On eBay For $389,000

Rare video game systems are sold for an eyebrow-raising amount of cash all the time, but none have had the…

‘SSX Tricky’ Creator Discusses Possible Remaster In 2020

[RUN DMC soundtrack intensifies]

Super Nintendo World Is The Ultimate Theme Park For 90s Kids

Rides based around Super Mario Kart and Yoshi’s Adventures have been announced.

Unopened Copy Of NES Game ‘Kid Icarus’ Sells For $13,000

There are only 10 sealed copies of this game left in the world.

A Nintendo 64-Inspired Nike Air Max 97 Has Just Surfaced

Retro overload.

Win $1000 Worth Of Barney Cools Kit And Exclusive Nintendo Capsule Collection

Exclusively available through Bloomingdale’s in just 50 examples, we’re giving you the only chance you’ll have to get your hands on it.

WATCH: Pierce Brosnan & Jimmy Fallon Go Head-To-Head At N64’s ‘GoldenEye’

No after-school play date as a kid was complete unless Nintendo 64’s GoldenEye 007 got a start.

Mario Kart Is Finally Getting A Smartphone Release

One of the best couch co-ops of all time, Mario Kart, is getting a much desired mobile release via a smartphone app…

This Sydney Agency Is Looking For A ‘Pokemon GO Hunting’ Intern

Dave King, strategy partner at Sydney creative agency The Royals is hiring the world’s first Pokemon GO Hunting Intern.