Drake Universal Music Group Deal

Drake Inks Monstrous Deal With Universal Music Group Worth Over $500 Million

Universal Music Group CEO Sir Lucian Grainge has just confirmed what many have long-suspected after revealing the world’s largest music…

Universal Music Group IPO 1

Universal Music IPO Rakes In The Big Bucks

The world’s leading music company and second-largest music publisher was always going to generate hefty numbers in its stock market…

Christopher Nolan Demands List

Christopher Nolan’s List Of Demands For His Next Film

The biggest bombshell dropped in last week’s reportage surrounding Christopher Nolan’s next film wasn’t the film itself, but which studio…

Rami Malek In Final Negotiations To Play Next Bond Villain

They’ve bloody nailed it if true.

A First Look At Ryan Gosling As Neil Armstrong in ‘First Man’

Moon landing conspiracy theorists incoming…

Rowan Atkinson Returns For ‘Johnny English Strikes Again’

The Mr. Bean actor returns as the goofy yet lovable Bond wannabe.

Michael Fassbender Leads The Hunt In Psychological Thriller ‘The Snowman’

Michael Fassbender takes point in this upcoming psychological thriller based on the best-selling book by Jo Nesbo.

Tom Cruise Just Went Full Tom Cruise On His Latest Film Stunt

When it comes to work ethic, it’s safe to say that Tom Cruise goes hard. His efforts on the set of ‘American Made’ were no different.

This ‘Everest’ Trailer Looks Epic

At the cruising altitude of a 747, your body starts to shut down.