Drake Inks Monstrous Deal With Universal Music Group Worth Over $500 Million

Drake Universal Music Group Deal

Universal Music Group CEO Sir Lucian Grainge has just confirmed what many have long-suspected after revealing the world’s largest music company had entered “an expansive, multi-faceted deal” with Drake during a Q1 earnings call.

According to Variety, as you will have probably gathered from the phrasing alone, this agreement spans multiple creative lanes and revenue streams – encompassing everything from recordings, publishing, and merchandise, to visual media projects. Now, onto the detail that’s actually got your interest…

What high-flying price can a Grammy-winning chart-topper like Drizzy command in the current market? A chart-topper, it’s worth adding, who was the most-listened-to artist of 2021. One insider has characterised the entire arrangement as “LeBron-sized” without divulging a specific number on it. 6 God himself has seemingly referenced the deal in question in the lyrics of ‘Lemon Pepper Freestyle’: “Three-sixty upfront / It all comes full circle” (US$360 million / AU$506 million).

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As pointed out by Jem Aswad & Jordan Rose of Variety, there’s also been an allusion to “owning masters” dropped in ‘The Remorse’ – the final track of his latest studio album – as well as another bar involving a pay stub from Lucian Grainge in Migos’ ‘Having Our Way.’

“Since 2014, Drake has moved over 37 million album project units. He’s also the first artist ever to surpass 50 billion combined streams on Spotify,” writes Aswad & Rose.

“To estimate that Drake’s music brings in US$50 million / AU$70 million annually is no stretch, say sources, and that the deal could be in the vicinity of US$400 million / AU$562 million or more isn’t either.”

Between securing the Universal Music Group bag, his Nike partnership, his ongoing deal with crypto betting platform Stake, and whatever his cut of Virginia Black whiskey amounts to… it’s safe to assume, Drake doesn’t need to record another single ever again.

All that’s left for the Certified Millionaire Boy is to globe-trot in his $240 million private jet.