This Man Travelled The Entire Globe In 52 Hours, Breaking A World Record

A Kiwi has managed to recently nab the prestigious title of fastest person to travel around the world using commercial flights. Etihad Airways exec Andrew Fisher did it in the quickest time and with the least amount of flights, getting it fully verified by The Guinness World Records as soon as he got off the last plane. 

Andrew remarkably nailed the trip in 52 hours and 34 minutes with 4 flights along the way, using his career and unique knowledge of optimal routes to sort out a meticulous schedule that beat the previous record by 3 hours. 

Starting out in Shanghai, he ended up travelling a total of 41000 km via Auckland, Buenos Aires and Amsterdam, using a mix Air New Zealand, KLM and China Eastern to bring it all together. After that long affair, Andrew felt it like it was “an incredible feeling to have finally achieved my dream”, especially after he’d been aiming to do after the last two decades. 

Check out the video of Andrew’s journey above and another travel challenge here