South African Airways Sale 51%

South African Airways Sells 51% Stake For Just $4.50 (You Read That Correctly)

$4.50 doesn’t buy you a whole lot these days: around two litres of petrol… a one-way train fare… maybe a…

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This New Tool Is The Google Flights Of Using Points

A new kind of search engine for flights and travel itineraries,, has been launched by industry veterans Tiffany Funk…

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Is JetBlue’s Mint Studio The Future Of Single-Aisle Business Class Travel?

Though commercial air travel is but a distant memory for Aussies right now, it’s good to know that once we…

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The World’s Best Airlines For 2021 Have Been Announced (With A Few COVID-19 Caveats)

While the large majority of the world’s population aren’t travelling overseas right now, and it’s almost cruel to wave some…


Delta Airlines’ CEO Confirms The Airplane Etiquette For Reclining Your Seat

Seats are made to be reclined. You paid for it, right?

Take A Look Inside Qantas’ Fully Refreshed A380 Cabin

Yesterday the first fully updated A380 took to the skies, flying from Sydney to London via Singapore.

Qatar Airways Brings Greek Food To The Skies With George Calombaris

When Qatar met Greco-Australian…

The World’s Best Business Class Airlines 2018, Ranked

Skytrax have announced the top dogs for the world’s best luxury at 35,000 feet.

This Man Travelled The Entire Globe In 52 Hours, Breaking A World Record

Forget 80 days.

The World’s Top 20 Airlines Ranked For 2017

Asian airlines dominate the top half of the list with 9 out of 10 spots, and no U.S. airline has even cracked the top 30.

A Look At The Economics Of Airline Classes

If you’ve ever wondered exactly how and where full service airlines make their margins, well we’ve got the perfect video…

Qatar Airway’s ‘QSuite’ Super Business Class is a Private Double Bedroom

Qatar looks to change the game with their Super Business Class ‘QSuite’