8 Secrets Five-Star Hotels Don’t Want You To Know
— 15 March 2019

8 Secrets Five-Star Hotels Don’t Want You To Know

— 15 March 2019
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

As with all industries, hospitality holds some secrets, and they’re arguably the juiciest. The most interesting whispers often occur over a dinner table or between the sheets. So what are five-star hotels hiding from us?

Social status matters, and they know yours before you arrive 

This one seems obvious, but it runs deeper than being able to tell who you are by the way you dress. Hotels will run an online search of who you are publicly, and take notes. Regular or less than savoury folk might get snubbed, while VVVVVIPs will get flagged via staff-wide notifications for preferential treatment. Guest interaction, how prompt service is, overall quality of the stay; all of which is scarily more dependent on who you are than anticipated.

If you paid less, you may get handed off to another hotel if it’s oversold– even if you booked first

Again, purely hierarchical. Doesn’t seem right, but it’s the way it is.


Your behaviour is logged on a database

This is less sinister than it sounds, but it can work against your favour if your behaviour is something they do not agree with. Flipping out at staff, open and uncivilised complaints (read: ranting), scratching yourself in the lobby a little too long– all is recorded in order to “… anticipate needs and provide intuitive service…”, but may have you going toe-to-toe with the manager. 

Oh yeah, there’s a database

It’s very real, complete with rankings.

They will protect you if you’re cheating

If staff pick up on the fact that you’re being less than faithful, they will cover for you, even going so far as protecting you as per the whole top notch and discrete service.

There are perks not advertised which you can access by being buddy-buddy with the concierge

This one seems like another obvious one, but it’s important enough to be noted. Be nice to your concierge, tip them if you’re in North America, it will definitely pay off in a big way.

If you miss your wake up call, security will be sent on the assumption you are dead

This one isn’t so much of a secret as much as it is a funny fact that tickles me in some kind of odd way. Make sure you get up when the call comes. No one wants to wake up to brawny dude with a tree trunk-like neck in a suit giving them mouth to mouth. Unless that’s your thing. In which case go for it. Live your best life.

Penthouse suite prices are negotiable, so get haggling

It might not always yield results, but it’s not impossible. Though to be honest, if you can afford a $30,000 a night suite, what’s another few thousand but pocket change.

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