8 Stunning NSW Beaches That Aren’t Bondi Or Byron
— 18 January 2017

8 Stunning NSW Beaches That Aren’t Bondi Or Byron

— 18 January 2017
Lachy Gordon
Lachy Gordon

If I had a penny for every time I heard a traveller say they checked out Byron Bay and Bondi Beach, ignoring other Aussie Beaches, I think I’d almost have a full dollar. It’s time to stop the nonsense and start appreciating the less-beaten, and arguably more spectacular NSW beaches. While some of the beauty of these beaches lies in the lack of attention they receive from travellers, it’s fair to say it’s somewhat rude to not visit at least some of these, whether you’re a local or traveller. Here are 8 we checked out and rated highly, in no specific order:

  1. Crescent Head

Whether it be the pristine coastlines, expansive point-breaks or urban legends claiming 200m rides, Crescent head has developed a reputation that has attracted many big-name surfers. Sitting 5 hours north of Sydney, Crescent head should be high on the to-do list.

  1. Boomerang Beach

Lying 25-minutes south of Forster, the South-East facing Boomerang lights up with the right conditions. Just last year the WSL added the beach to the qualifying series, with pro surfers and surf magazines frequenting the location. While it can cop a bit of a crowd during the summer, it’s still very tame compared to Sydney Beaches.

  1. Mollymook Beach

We caught up with Pam Burridge, one of Australia’s very first pro Female Surfers, stating Mollymook has become one of her favourite stomping grounds in her post-pro days. The NSW South Coast gem has also served as one of the areas Burridge runs her surf camps.

  1. Racecourse Beach (Bawley Point)

Under-travelled, awesome location, caters for a range of conditions. Done.

  1. Werri Beach, Gerringong

Just a 2-hour drive south of Sydney, you can leave work on a Friday evening, be in the surf before the sun goes down, come home Sunday night/Monday Morning, leaving with a full 2-3 day weekend. Joining NSW farmland and the golden NSW beaches, Werri makes for an easy getaway that feels further than it is.

  1. Killalea Beach, Shell Cove

It’s tucked in Killalea State Park. Enough said.

  1. Caves Beach, Jervis Bay

Tucked in Booderee National Park, Caves Beach is surrounded by pristine wilderness and boasts access to cheap camping.

  1. Palm Beach, Sydney

We thought we would chuck in Palm beach for the folks who can’t quite escape Sydney for the weekend. While a decent summer’s day can still bring somewhat of a crowd to Palm Beach, it’s far enough from the CBD to make you feel like you’ve escaped for the day and isn’t anywhere near as crowded as Manly or Bondi.

Surely that’s enough info to kickstart some weekend plans going. With the Australian Open of Surfing kicking off at Manly Beach towards the end of February, any avid surfer or surf-spectator will be front and centre of the Australian leg of the tour.

Check out visitnsw.com for more tips on what to do in NSW.

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