AirShip 002: A Unique ‘Pod’ Home By Roderick James Architects

Everybody understands the wonders of an overtly luxurious, oversized mansion. But for the humble of spirit, there are homes like the AirShip 002 – a wonderfully small, spaceship-like pod nestled in the Scottish Isles.

The aluminium AirShip sits among the stormy cliffs of Scotland’s remote west coast, offering a big getaway in the form of a small interior. Designed by Roderick James Architects, the pod-like structure is no longer than 20 meters, and no wider than 4. The home is specifically built with large families and parties not in mind.

The limited space includes a galley kitchen, a bedroom for two, a balcony, and a bathroom with a shower. What else could you ask for? This cozy interior is made even cozier when Scotland’s trademark severe weather comes blowing through.

Roderick James, designer and creator of the homes understands that these kinds of minimalist, eco-friendly structures are the way of the future:

The original decision to design and build the first AirShip was to have a structure which was unusual, cosy, iconic, maintenance-free and had an exciting glazing system.’

The other glaring benefit of the AirShip is its manoeuvrability and versatility:

‘The key intention was that it could be erected in a week or so, and can also be taken apart in a similar time. It can be erected anywhere, even it it’s not possible to get a truck or crane very close.’

The cost of a fully-furnished AirShip is roughly $180,000 but thankfully the 002 is available for all on Airbnb.

James has already had requests for AirShips in Australia and New Zealand. One of these wouldn’t look too bad snuggled in somewhere on Sydney’s North Shore.

Personally, this is the epitome of a ‘getaway’ – escaping the hustle and bustle of daily life in favour of an incredibly intimate, incredibly welcoming haven in the middle of beautiful nowhere.

Try your luck at renting the AirShip 002 on Airbnb or for a spot closer to home, check out PurePods in New Zealand.