The Maldives Resort Offering Year-Long Stays Cheaper Than Sydney Rent
— 18 November 2020

The Maldives Resort Offering Year-Long Stays Cheaper Than Sydney Rent

— 18 November 2020
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Andrew P Street explained it best when he wrote: “Sydney is a city that actively punishes people for living in it“. Development for the sake of development (comparable to how cancer functions), terribly managed public transport, and of course, the endless escalation of rent. It all makes a very compelling case for a grand exodus to, say, the luxurious Anantara Veli Maldives Resort – which is now offering the Unlimited Stays in Paradise long-term travel package that’s cheaper than Sydney rent.

For just AU$40,990, you and your partner/best mate could stay at one of Anantara Veli’s Overwater Bungalows and escape the frenetic energy of city-living for a whole year. Or as the site so poetically describes it, “soak up the turquoise lagoon, magical sunsets, and the tropical beauty”, “laze on your sun deck as colourful fish swim in the crystal-clear waters below”, and “elevate working from home to a new level”.

In addition to the accommodation and taxes + service charges, the $40K one-time fee includes such exclusive benefits as:

  • Daily breakfast for two persons
  • Shared return transfers between Anantara Veli & Malé whenever you need
  • 25% discount on dining & spa

The best part? Strictly adults only.

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The resort itself offers more than a few delights beyond the picturesque geography. Here, you’ll also have access to nine restaurants and bars, fitness and wellness centres, as well as the option to partake in a good number of water sports from snorkelling to fishing.

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For those who are still unconvinced, or perhaps need the economics of it all broken down, allow me to (poorly) rationalise this with numbers:

  • Dead average Sydney rent per week (single person): $525
  • Dead average Sydney rent per year (single person): $525 x 52 = $27,300
  • Total for two people: $54,600
  • Savings: $13,610

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Keep in mind, this is just an average figure. Once we navigate into nicer Sydney areas – i.e. Bondi, Manly – the potential savings in the Maldives are even greater as explained by the lads over at DMARGE. And yes, this hypothetical hinges entirely on the assumption you can work remotely.

Anantara Veli Maldives Resort’s Unlimited Stays in Paradise offer expires on November 30th – so best get a move on if you want to claim the deal of a lifetime. Terms and conditions apply.

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